I t has been a while since I last blogged on here so am trying to get up to speed, I am not going to put much on as I honestly cannot remember all I have done since I last Blogged, sorry.  Oh by the way, Happy New Year to you all if you are still with me…..

OK first off here are all the wonderful gifts I had for Christmas from family, I am so lucky;

I’m sure you will agree with me that I am spoilt by my family and friends, all brilliant gifts, all will be used. Thank you to every one of you…..xxxx

Tomorrow lots of lovely eye candy for you folks, all to do with the swaps I am in now.

Thank you for staying with me.









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Although we seemed to be thin on the ground, the ladies did not disappoint me in the fact they worked really hard all day and produced some amazing place mats of their own design, I had shown them a very simple idea and then they went to tow on it. Well done all of you. So the first lot of pictures are the ladies busy at work and the Showtime pictures are just brilliant. Thank you for coming once again and supporting my little group, without you there would not be one.

The following pictures are of the two FMQ girls having a go, they both did brilliantly, keep on practising though girls, it will get better and easier the more you do…

Pat B brought along lots of her fabrics she no longer wanted for sale and did a good trade with the ladies, I too bought lots of things from her, and thank you Pat for the donation to my Hospital Quilts, appreciate it, these last few items were left, so I did a ‘market trader’ style shout and lots more of it got sold and I believe Pat went home with just two items left, the Tree of Life hanging and I think a Christmas Owl cushion panel.


Anne B’s version of Bridget’s quilt, and some wonderful colourful trees..

Annette M’s next project ready for quilting with Big stitch …

Esme’s version of Bridget’s Quilt… [we think this is Esme’s, trying to find out]

Gail’s Quilt for her new Granddaughter…[I quilted it for her]

Jill has been busy, the next SIX pictures are of her work, well done Jill…

Margaret T’s Quilt, Back view and Front view, Dresden’s from an in group swap…

Great show once again girls, keep them coming.

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Oops, a bit late but lots of lovely pictures to see so I hope you will forgive me.

It was a great day, lots of ladies turned up for which we thank you, if you keep coming we can keep on going.  I was wearing several hats on this day as I was demonstrating two blocks for the ladies to make and doing some FMQ with a small group up the corner. I love being busy and it worked OK you will be pleased to know.

We also had   at this meeting so lots of lovely new fabrics were purchased….oh yes they were.

Right on with the pictures, I will let them speak for themselves…

As you can see tea plays a very important part of the day for the ladies….

SHOWTIME in the afternoon brought some lovely work to the fore…

Brilliant work by all the ladies, I hope we shall have yet more to show you next month folks.

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