Oh my word, yes another one. This one is going to be all about my journey into Art Quilts. I do hope you will enjoy it.

It is called

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Many moons ago I belonged to a group called FRIDAY NIGHT QUILT PARTY or something like that. The idea was you made one block of their choice per week. I thought I would never keep it up but I did, I made 52 blocks that year and here are a few of the quilts I made with said blocks. I used scraps I had lying around and when I came to join the blocks I put the same sized ones together to make life easier, sewed strips around each block to make them slightly larger, gave the borders the same treatment.

12 block sampler –

3a small sampler

Back view of above quilt –

3b back of small sampler

6 block sampler –

4a small sampler

Back view of above quilt –

4b back of small sampler

another 12 block sampler –

5a large sampler

Back view of above quilt –

I loved that backing fabric, as you can see I had it in three colourways, all used up now though –

5b back of large sampler

20 block sampler which I did join together but didn’t quilt, found it the other day when I was sorting the sewing room out and I have dismantled it back to 20 separate blocks, as I really do not want to have yet another of these quilts. I am going to make some of the blocks into bags for my groups raffle, others I will chop up and play with, others who knows? Got any ideas?

UFO's almost zapped1  Now in my book that totals 50 blocks, so where are the other 2 you ask?

I have no idea, I know I made them all though, I have a feeling I gave them away when I went through all my odd blocks last year or year before and sent to Tessa. Will never know now and quite honestly I have enough UFOs around I am not going to worry about two blocks.

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SLow but sure gets me there. Pete started to build the cube shelving today and Annette and Rebecca popped round to help. Just as well as I had so much stuff to move and organise into the cubes. Rebecca helped pop with the shelving and Annette helped me with all the other stuff. Made a good job of it BUT I am tweaking it a tad, so not got all the pictures on here yet.

This is what I am wanting to change, I cannot stand all the different boxes anymore. Annette pulled them all out one by one for me to sort through to see what was staying or leaving me one way or another, a lot did leave me…

Sewing Room 001

This then was the space now left after all that clutter had gone, looks better already…

Sewing Room 002

Meantime, pop and Rebecca had built the shelving cubes ready for their new placement. This is the wrong way up as I am having it on top of the 4 x 2 set on the floor lengthways…

Sewing Room 003

Like this, see the bottom set is 4 x 2 the top one is 4 x 1, IKEA don’t do a set of three for some reason so I had to buy them like this which actually was more expensive, but heyho it is something I want so….

Sewing Room 004

This is a picture of the shelves filled but they are just not quite how I want them still, so pop is taking me back to IKEA to get more of those green inserts as I prefer that look to the clutter look of open shelves, I will get there, I know exactly what I want.

Sewing Room 005

I am going to have four more green inserts for the two lower cubes either side – which leaves the top end ones open and I am OK with that as the one on the left is my Postcard boxes full of Postcards I have made, the opposite one is for my CD’s which I can now get to  a lot easier…

Sewing Room 006

The shelf above holds my boxes of threads but does need a bit of tweaking, the shelf above that is all magazines which is in for a real good tweak but I am pleased with how it looks and know I will have it perfect before long.

Sewing Room 007

So much neater don’t you think?

Sewing Room 005 Sewing Room 001

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