Yes here I am again, you may have forgotten me but I am still about. I cannot believe I haven’t blogged since LAST YEAR! I have some serious catching up to do. I do have an excuse, I have been ill, but I am not going into that as I have no wish to bore you now that I have your attention. I have got to try and re-acquaint myself as to how this works first folks, so please forgive any little hiccups for a few posts.

I hadn’t done any sewing/quilting for five months so there again you are going to have to excuse the lack of pictures for a short while. I am catching up with quilting now. I was actually from end January making and dabbling in my Postcards. My lovely friend Maggi Birchenough encouraged me to make several to get back into the swing of quilting. Start small she said and gradually you will want to do some proper quilting. Which did happen.

Maggi sadly passed away after a battle with Cancer, but she is still here with me in my sewing room, wherever I look there is a little something she has made me in the past, so she will never be forgotten. I am actually making a quilt with her fabulous hand dyed fabrics she did for me way way back. I managed to get the quilt top together and a photo sent to her via hubbies mobile phone so she could see it. Sadly she will not see it quilted. I will try my very best quilting on this one and I hope to enter it into FoQ this year, wish me luck, I haven’t started it yet as I am doing a few odd quilts I have laying around [UFO’s] to get into the swing of proper quilting again. I will try to find pictures of the fabrics I used for the quilt, if none appear here, you know I had no luck finding them.

The main reason for not finding them is I now have a laptop and talk about starting all over again. Nightmare!! My GD Rebecca is being so patient with me teaching me how to use it, I feel lost most of the time.

I can send you over to my POSTCARD Blog to view the Postcards I made whilst recuperating. There are a few, Maggi did laugh when I told her how many……at this stage I have to go and find the link to get you there….hang on a sec peeps…I’ll be back…


woohoo I found out how to do that without losing all my work. So whilst I am on a roll so to speak, I will close for now and hopefully find something for you to see next time you visit. Actually not as clever clogs as I thought, you will have to click on that address then click on the one that pops up to get to my Postcard Blog, sorry. Will get GD to show me how next time she is here.



Be sure to visit Stand K18….. you will find lots of lovely goodies there –

Passion4Quilting at the FoQ 2015

Passion4Quilting at the FoQ 2015

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Rather late in posting this, not too good healthwise but thought if I don’t get this posted soon it will be so out of date and that is a shame after all the ladies hard work they did. I had decided to do an FMQ [Free Machine Quilting} day at my group, I had a good lot sign up for it, 13 in total, but sadly due to one reason or another only had 9 in the end. Not to worry we had a great day and the ladies were fabulous, I told them we would be doing a lot and I mean A LOT of designs – 36 in total – they were a bit taken aback by this, but as you can see they all gave them a good go and got on really well. As this was a kind of taster style class they do realise they have to go home and practice practice practice, which I know some will do.  I started off with the dreaded Vermicelli/Meandering/boring stitch, and finished with a bonus feather – simple – for them. They loved so many of the stitches so told them to pull out the ones they really loved doing and practice those, then move on to one of the others, pretty soon all the stitches they learned would be in their heads and easy to do. So with no more ado here are all their samples, in no particular order and no names, I take my hat off to all the ladies I really do. I am such a slave driver when it comes to a sewing machine…..

FMQ DAY July 001 FMQ DAY July 002 FMQ DAY July 003 FMQ DAY July 004 FMQ DAY July 005 FMQ DAY July 006 FMQ DAY July 007 FMQ DAY July 008 FMQ DAY July 009 FMQ DAY July 010 FMQ DAY July 011 FMQ DAY July 012 FMQ DAY July 013 FMQ DAY July 014 FMQ DAY July 015 FMQ DAY July 016 FMQ DAY July 017 FMQ DAY July 018 FMQ DAY July 019 FMQ DAY July 020 FMQ DAY July 021 FMQ DAY July 022 FMQ DAY July 023 FMQ DAY July 024 FMQ DAY July 025 FMQ DAY July 026 FMQ DAY July 027 FMQ DAY July 028 FMQ DAY July 029 FMQ DAY July 030 FMQ DAY July 031 FMQ DAY July 032 FMQ DAY July 034 FMQ DAY July 035 FMQ DAY July 036 FMQ DAY July 37 FMQ DAY July 38 FMQ DAY July 39 FMQ DAY July 40 FMQ DAY July 41 FMQ DAY July 42 FMQ DAY July 43 FMQ DAY July 44 FMQ DAY July 46 FMQ DAY July 48 FMQ DAY July 49 FMQ DAY July 50 FMQ DAY  July 52 FMQ DAY  July 51


Well done everyone, I am looking forward to the September Quilt Set Meeting now to see if any of you have been putting this into practice……..

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