Finally received the pictures from a busy daughter, thank you Suzanne.

Here are pictures of my group’s meeting this month, I had the day off and handed it over to Bridget and Suzanne, it was really lovely to be one of the ‘crowd’ although I did end up being a bit of a ‘billy no mates’ as I was the only one there with a machine, usually there are 3 – 4 others, but not today, Are they trying to tell me something?? Oh well, back to being ‘the boss’ next month so they will probably bring their machines.

Anyway….Bridget and Suzanne did absolutely fabulous samples for the ladies, Bridget’s was called LAZYCRAZY, absolutely brilliant, many many thanks, I have to get my head round this Bridget it is way out of my comfort zone.

Suzanne did a fun chook block which she called, ‘a clucking good time’ the ladies were torn which to do first I can tell you, a lot of them did manage to get both almost done, me, hmm didn’t do so good, managed to get Bee’s done, not happy with it though but not Suzanne’s BUT I have a plan……

Enough, here are the photos of the day’s work from the ladies…..

Suzanne’s Chooks – Bridget’s LazyCrazy

Quilt Set - May 1

 Bridget’s large LazyCrazy

Quilt Set - May 2

The Ladies blocks — I am sorry I don’t know who made which block so just enjoy the show

Quilt Set - May 3 Quilt Set - May 4 Quilt Set - May 5 Quilt Set - May 6 Quilt Set - May 7 Quilt Set - May 8 Quilt Set - May 9 Quilt Set - May 10 Quilt Set - May 11 Quilt Set - May 12 Quilt Set - May 13 Quilt Set - May 14 Quilt Set - May 15


Amazing stuff from the Ladies, I was so surprised so many had a go at Bridget’s to tell the truth, I am so very proud of them all for having a go. Will be interesting next month to see how much embellishing they have done to these blocks and if any get into a finished article…watch this space.

Then we had SHOWTIME, which was a bit thin on the ground……

again I am sorry I don’t know who these belong to..

Quilt Set - May 17 Quilt Set - May 18 Quilt Set - May 19 Quilt Set - May 20 Quilt Set - May 21

– – – – – –

This small quilt below is to be raffled off in aid of Cynthia Spencer Hospice, the husband of Barbara,  a Member of our group who died last year, is having a Memorial evening for her and raising money for above Hospice and I donated this quilt to help them on their way I hope they manage to raise lots of money for this worthy cause.

Barbara full of concentration for her sewing

Barbara full of concentration for her sewing

Quilt Set - May 16

– – – – – – – –

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It is my Grand daughter Rebecca’s birthday – 12 MAY 2015 – she was 16 years old. So how can it still be her birthday you ask as it is now 13th May???

She was born at 10:03 pm so I say it is still her birthday. She will love that fact.

Pictures of the beautiful girl on her day – she came to ours straight from school to open some of her presents –

Rebecca and Pug cushion reb-16-035 reb-16-042 reb-16-044 reb-16-058

This is the fabulous cake made for her by the talented Diane Henson, when told Rebecca loved Audrey Hepburn, she said no problem and made this, I feel sure it won’t get cut today, such a clever lady –

Rebecca's cake


Rebecca thank you for coming to ours so I could see you on your 16th Birthday, I know you loved your prezzies, such a lot of them too, lucky lucky girl, but you deserve them.

Low point

Shame on the school for making you sit THREE GCSE’s on your birthday.

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Had a great shop on Saturday with Annette and Rebecca. We went to IKEA. I got the bits I needed for my sewing room, nearly got it right, Annette, managed to find what she wanted even though she lost her list!! Rebecca had a great time and we all got carried away. Thank you for taking me out I loved it even though we couldn’t at first find McDonald’s.  Bubba mom did us proud and found it in the end, satnav or no satnav. Pictures coming later.


Whilst there we heard some wonderful news.



Congratulations to both of you

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