I had put to the ladies they may like to learn how to make a Postcard! I was pleasantly surprised when all hands shot up in the air, so I then offered to make kits up for them as you can get bogged down by the things needed for postcards, I opted for landscape as I thought that would give the ladies a chance to have fun and play at the same time. So the kits consisted of;

Piece of pelmet vylene for address side of postcard – piece of bondaweb, piece of plain fabric for address side of postcard, several strips of fabrics including blues for sky, floral for the land and green for the grass, pieces of lace in different colours and widths.

I asked the ladies to bring along beads or buttons and things like that as I would not be supplying them….in fact I told them to bring along a multitude of things and some did!

The day dawned and sadly we had a few cancellations due to illness and holiday but I have promised I will go through the Postcard process with the ladies who missed out next time they are with us.   The day was brilliant, it took them a while to get ‘into’ Postcard mode but once there they made some pretty awesome postcards as you will see, I have to say I was really surprised at their first attempts and I hope they will go on and make another one or five Postcards. Enough of my chatter, on to the pictures….

Would you just look at that, Cliff gets in everywhere, he is Suzanne’s little mascot –


Anne’s pretty girly postcard –


Barbara’s fun postcard, love that sheep –

Bridget’s ‘bling’ postcard, can you see the caterpillar?


Carol’s windy day postcard, love that tree –


Jan’s floral garden, just so pretty –


Janet H’ scenic postcard, she told me that is Doc. Marten’s house –


Jean’s elegant postcard, a lovely piece of fabric needs no other done to it than quilting and embellishing with beads –


Joyce’s postcard, a floral garden where she is still working on the flowers stems and embellishing –


Margaret’s postcard, beautiful Iris fabrics at the front and embellishing in progress –


Pat’s postcard is yet another beautiful piece of fabric that she is just embellishing with beads and quilting –


Sue’s postcard has a very Japanese look to it, she patiently cut out all those tiny people and flowers and attached them, I think she is going to do some quilting on it too –


Aren’t they just brilliant, for people who have never had a go at postcards before I am totally in awe of these ladies, you have done yourselves proud, great job all round.

Then we had SHOWTIME – I really need to shake these ladies up, they had two months off, what were they doing?????????

I kept myself busy for the time we had off by making all these bags ready for our Charity Raffle we have throughout the year – this year’s charity being AIR AMBULANCE, poor Rebecca balanced them all on her arms for us to see –


I finished off the STARS hanging we did from a previous meeting, finally, for some reason this gave me a bit of trouble, whether it was because the coloured fabric you see is sparkly and very thick to sew through, who knows, anyway it is done now and ready for the chair hahahaha –


This is the back of the quilt above STARS, I used a fabric called TARMAC which I had bought from passion4quilting, loved it and am going to hopefully get more if they still have it –


The following hangin was made from all the fabrics I received from the Birthday squares swap we did a few years ago I think it was, I had asked for Plain fabrics and no white, yayyy that is what I got which worked out perfect for what I wanted to make. It is my version of a stained glass window panel, very easy to do and lots of lovely space for quilting, which makes me happy –


This is the rear view of my stained glass window panel, hope you like it, I do.


So there it is September Quilt Set 2016 done and dusted now, what shall I get them to do in October?

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Yesterday was my birthday – again – they seem to come round rather quicker these days. Anyway I left it too late to take piccies of the wonderful prezzies I got so have to post them today…

First off here are the lovely cards I received, the pictures are not ever so clear as the camera was a bit wobbly or I suppose I should say  was….

1-card 2-card 3-card 4-card 5-cards

This little card was a surprise, Annette had ordered me some pelmet vylene for my Postcards from EMPRESS MILLS and said it was for my birthday so could they deliver it on 8th, they obliged and enclosed this, how nice of them I thought…


The pelmet vylene from Annette, Clint and Rebecca


…and flowers….


they are so pretty, hubby put them in with the last of the roses from Debbie from last week….


Fabrics from Suzanne and Richard, these are linen style fabrics…


along with a colouring book for idle hands!!!


following are all from Suzanne and Richard, they are all lovely bits and pieces for my postcard making, looking forward to making and using theses, got plenty of vylene now hahaha….

12-bits-for-my-postcards-from-suzanne 13-more-bits-from-suzanne-for-postcards 14-yet-more-bits-from-suzanne-for-postcards

here are the last two roses from the bunch Debbie bought me last week, still going strong.


Thank you all for yet another lovely birthday full of surprises and wonderful things.

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I had a really lovely time this afternoon with two friends who came to visit me, Pat and Debbie, we had a good old chat and Debbie dived into my Postcard boxes – all three of them – found some she liked, insisted on paying for them, silly girl. She had brought, cake, biscuits and some gorgeous roses for me. I am so spoiled with my lovely friends.

Thank you both for coming I hope we can do it again soon and for longer…….

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