I have recently finished a swap I was in on a group on Facebook. We had to make a Mini Quilt for someone after finding out about their likes and dislikes anonymously, it took me a while to get the hang of this but after a while I managed to get some answers which kind of helped me along the way. When I say ‘mini’ it was not a mini as such you could go up to 24″ which to me is not a mini. Thank goodness or I would not have joined in. Anyway it is all done and dusted now, apart from the quilt I made not having been received by my partner yet. We shall have to wait for that to arrive!! I have received mine and what an absolute beauty it is. It was made for me by Noelle. I have already thanked her on FB site but will say many many thanks to her again for this amazing Quilt. I absolutely love it. Enjoy the pictures folks. Oh we also got gifts as if the Quilt was not enough, these are my gifts….

3. Gifts from Noelle

The quilt in its many layers of wrappings…

1. My Min Quilt 2018 swap from Noelle Burdett

The front of the Quilt along with some close-ups….

The back of the Quilt along with close-ups…

More close-ups of the front of the quilt showing the beading work Noelle did…

As you can I actually have a double-sided quilt, I am just so lucky, thank you Noelle it is Fabulous, I love it. You have my colours and style down to a tee.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my wonderful gift and that you will leave a comment or two for me and of course for Noelle. Thank you for looking.

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Today we were having a lady come with all her fabrics for us to buy. I had not heard of Cathie and her shop   before and was surprised it had been here in Northampton for the past three years!!!!! Anyway one of the ladies who comes to my group had asked her if she would like to attend our meetings and the answer was ‘yes please.’ The ladies loved what she brought along and are now looking forward to her next visit. So many thanks Cathie for coming to our small group, we appreciate it.

Where is everybody?

where is everyone

haha looking at all the goodies on Cathie’s stand, and buying up as far as I could tell just about everything that was on there, my girls and I managed to buy some pieces for ourselves — of course.


I had taken along 5 different things for the ladies to have a go at for this meeting as we are not meeting next month. They were so engrossed in these items the time fairly whizzed by and before we knew it, it was Showtime – Hmm for some reason I can’t put the names of the people who made these all these next to the photo, so I will try to list them and you can hopefully follow along with me –

Annette,   Barbara,   Debbie the next 14 pieces,   Janet B,   Margaret,   Me the next 5 pieces,   then I am sorry I cannot remember who made the remaining works of art, sorry girls



Between everything that was going on we all forgot to take pictures of what the ladies were working on too, oh dear, hopefully next meeting they will bring along some of the finished items from today. That will be May folks. Thanks for looking and do please leave comments I always will pass on to the ladies, they deserve it.

Don’t forget if you need anything re Patchwork and Quilting or indeed dressmaking, here is the link again for you –  –  ask for Cathie, tell her I sent you along.


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A BIG day for the Quilt Set on Saturday 24 February, as we were moving to a new venue, to say I was nervous was an understatement as we never know how many people will turn up for the day and I need to have 100% attendance or as near as dammit at this new venue.

I arrived late as I was not feeling too good probably due to nerves or whatever, stupid because I know I am among friends and like-minded people. We had almost 100% attendance which was a good feeling. I hope it continues that way or gets better! I have asked the ladies if they can bring friends or it could be the end of the Quilt Set this year, we shall see how it goes.

The day was actually lovely once we were all aware of where everything was at this new hall. It is lovely and big, lovely and light, clean and well just great really. Loads of room for people and for me to get about on my scooter as you will see from the pictures. So without further ado I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. If you click on the pictures it tells you what they are doing – hopefully.

Settling in –

See how much space we have now and look they list who has hired the hall, great stuff.


To finish on a high, Barbara’s Quilt she made from the AccuQuiltGO her hubby bought her for  Christmas, woohoo –

The Cat quilt Sandra made is going to my friend Angela for the Hospital Quilts –

Two of the quilts Annette has made are also going to Angela for Hospital Quilts –

Then three of the ladies sprung a surprise on me and gave me three bags of knitted squares for Angela for the Hospital Prem babies, thank you to Margaret, Jan and Esme.

It was a great day and I felt so silly for being so worried about it all, Ladies thank you ALL of you for making the Quilt Set a great group.

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