I have started a group on Facebook for people to zap their UFO’s, if you are a patchworker/quilter you know what I mean. The group is doing well for a few days old, I have every confidence between us we will zap quite a few UFO’s this year.

I made a great start to it put up 4 pictures of my own UFO’s then couldn’t find two of them, hahaha have a feeling I have given them to my daughter Suzanne, will check later.

I am going to start with a giant 9patch 9patch, no I haven’t repeated myself that is what it is…..5-split-9patch-b

if you look close you will see I have had to join the wadding to make it fit this baby, waste not want not. Hope to get it pinned up ready to zap tomorrow. This is what I do folks. Quilt.

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So here I am up to date-ish. ha ha ha

I bought these fabrics off eBay, I do believe they are Shabby Chic….what does that actually mean please? Regardless, they are pretty. I have a plan for them.

They are so pretty and delicate looking don’t you agree?

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Shall I say it quick and get it over with, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sorry folks my blog has suffered somewhat of late, I am going to try to keep it up to date from now…famous last words I hear you say. Let’s see.

So for Christmas I got some lovely prezzies, not sure I have photos of everything but here are a few – Threads are from my hubby and my group The Quilt Set gave me some money for Christmas so I bought more threads, thanks girls,


Following from Rebecca, Suzanne and Richard, who also paid for my hair to be cut before Christmas, and Annette and Clint, thank you all of you.

from-rebecca-1 from-rebecca-2 from-suz-and-rich from-suzanne-and-richard-1from-suzanne-and-richard-2

I know I haven’t got all the pictures on here now, there are quite a few missing, sorry.

Found more…. the gorgeous cushion is from my friend Debbie, it is just beautiful, cheers Debbie xxxxx



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