Rather late in posting this, not too good healthwise but thought if I don’t get this posted soon it will be so out of date and that is a shame after all the ladies hard work they did. I had decided to do an FMQ [Free Machine Quilting} day at my group, I had a good lot sign up for it, 13 in total, but sadly due to one reason or another only had 9 in the end. Not to worry we had a great day and the ladies were fabulous, I told them we would be doing a lot and I mean A LOT of designs – 36 in total – they were a bit taken aback by this, but as you can see they all gave them a good go and got on really well. As this was a kind of taster style class they do realise they have to go home and practice practice practice, which I know some will do.  I started off with the dreaded Vermicelli/Meandering/boring stitch, and finished with a bonus feather – simple – for them. They loved so many of the stitches so told them to pull out the ones they really loved doing and practice those, then move on to one of the others, pretty soon all the stitches they learned would be in their heads and easy to do. So with no more ado here are all their samples, in no particular order and no names, I take my hat off to all the ladies I really do. I am such a slave driver when it comes to a sewing machine…..

FMQ DAY July 001 FMQ DAY July 002 FMQ DAY July 003 FMQ DAY July 004 FMQ DAY July 005 FMQ DAY July 006 FMQ DAY July 007 FMQ DAY July 008 FMQ DAY July 009 FMQ DAY July 010 FMQ DAY July 011 FMQ DAY July 012 FMQ DAY July 013 FMQ DAY July 014 FMQ DAY July 015 FMQ DAY July 016 FMQ DAY July 017 FMQ DAY July 018 FMQ DAY July 019 FMQ DAY July 020 FMQ DAY July 021 FMQ DAY July 022 FMQ DAY July 023 FMQ DAY July 024 FMQ DAY July 025 FMQ DAY July 026 FMQ DAY July 027 FMQ DAY July 028 FMQ DAY July 029 FMQ DAY July 030 FMQ DAY July 031 FMQ DAY July 032 FMQ DAY July 034 FMQ DAY July 035 FMQ DAY July 036 FMQ DAY July 37 FMQ DAY July 38 FMQ DAY July 39 FMQ DAY July 40 FMQ DAY July 41 FMQ DAY July 42 FMQ DAY July 43 FMQ DAY July 44 FMQ DAY July 46 FMQ DAY July 48 FMQ DAY July 49 FMQ DAY July 50 FMQ DAY  July 52 FMQ DAY  July 51


Well done everyone, I am looking forward to the September Quilt Set Meeting now to see if any of you have been putting this into practice……..

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I mislaid an email for a while but found it so here are the pictures which I just knew were missing…

my go at Suzanne’s Chooks and Bridget’s crazy lazy blocks –

My crazy chook My try at Bridget's block

Some of the ladies managed to get the star block finished so I could show them how it would look put together, I love secondary patterns, don’t you –

star blocks

Suzanne’s Crazy chook’s table runner looking good…

Suz 1

Suzanne made this gorgeous cushion from the previous months pattern I demonstrated, there is a close up too so you can see all the crystals she put on it, love it –

Suz 2 Suzanne's butterfly cushion showing crystals

– and last but definitely not least are two bags made by the lovely Wendy, who very quietly, just gets on with her sewing, never any problems from Wendy and her pals –


I am so pleased I found the emails it would have been a shame to miss these.

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Been a pretty horrendous week for pain, I have no idea why, I haven’t done anything different to what I normally do, so guess it just means this damn thing is probably getting worse. Thanks!  Last night I didn’t feel at all well and my head was aching so much I went to bed, early for me 10 o’clock, was a bit worried I would lay awake but I must have zonked out straight away. Much better today.

Anyway, a lovely thing happened yesterday [Friday] I had a visitor in the afternoon. Sue from  came to collect a quilt I had done for her. I loved the pattern as soon as I saw this quilt and couldn’t wait to get started on it, plus it was backed with the gorgeous MINKY fabric, it is just so lovely and soft, perfect for the quilt backings if you ask me. Pictures on this gorgeous quilt is just about to go up on my other Blog –  I do hope you will pop over to see it.

This evening when I went on to Facebook I appeared to have over 200 notices, taken me forever to get through them but all done now. That is the problem with missing an evening on FB. Oh well not to worry all up to date again…….

The following photo’s are of raffle prizes which include a quilt donated by myself to help raise funds for the local Cynthia Spencer Hospice. The fund-raising evening was being held in memory of one of the lovely ladies of my group who passed away last year. Barbara was a true lady and beautiful sewer, she will be sadly missed.  I was unable to go to the fund-raising evening due to feeling unwell but I hear they raised £2.500, that is just brilliant. It looks as though they had a great evening and with so many wonderful raffle prizes it was sure to be a success. Well done Barbara’s family for doing it.

IMG_0497 IMG_0504

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