This post should have been put on here on 1st August but my battery went totally flat then the next few days were busy so finally here I am, a tad late, sorry folks.

Why ding dong? Because my younger daughter Annette got married on Monday to Clint, they managed to keep it secret for quite a while as nether of them wanted a fuss. It worked and they had a lovely day. Rebecca was one of their witnesses and friends of Clint’s were the other, thank you to Ann and John.

Enjoy the photos, I think they all looked lovely…

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They had a lovely surprise as friends from work responded to her call for folk to come and celebrate with them now the deed was done..

Paul and Wes

Congratulations to you both, love mum and dad xxxx

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Now this one is one I am very pleased with, when I finished it I sat like the cat with a bowl of cream. I used McTavishing on this one in a BIG way, Karen McTavish, thank you thank you thank you. I just love doing the McTavishing, I find it fun and relaxing to do and you make it so clear to understand, I do hope you like my McTavishing as much as I do.

This is a Hexagon quilt but not the usual type. This is GIANT, made from half hexagons which were joined row by row, my days of doing those itty bitty ones are long gone but I wanted a hexagon quilt to make up for the one I casually threw in the bin….

There are a few photos of this one cos I love it so much. Skip through quickly if you get bored, I understand. That said, I look forward to comments on it, good or bad I can take them all.

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Finally I have photos of the two new quilts I have recently finished, I have cropped them as you tend to get scenes of the garden which are not worth looking at!! All I have to do is work out how to get them from the photo file onto this page….wish me luck…Rebecca……

Phew, done it, getting the hang of this slow but sure. Anyway this is the first of the two quilts I have completed, I have called this one ”9 patch with flowers” well it’s pretty obvious isn’t it really.

I am not going to push my luck with this, I am posting these two separately as I don’t want to get half way through and it goes walk about if you know what I mean. See you in a mo then.

9 patch flowers close up of 9 patch flowers back of 9 patch flowers close up of back of 9patch flowers another close up of 9 patch flowers


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