A lovely day was had by all, I know because it was written in the comments book I put out for peeps to put whatever they wish in it. I went back to basics for the ladies at this meeting, made basic 9 patches and applique alternate blocks. They loved it. KISS works you see….Keep It Simple Stupid.

February at the Quilt Set

Busy working -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 009

My how ti goes together demo, along with some tumbler shapes I gave everyone to try out -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 025

This is the days project -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 028

Close up showing applique setting -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 030

Suzanne set the squares differently for the ladies to see -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 035

Original set-up, Jill, Wendy, Janet and Sandra’s blocks -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 036

Love this colourway – surprise surprise it is Jean’s -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 037

hmm this is either Margaret’s or Maureen’s they were both using the same fabric – what a shock they both had -

QUILT SET FEB 2015. 039

Anne’s block on its way to completion -

This was the final day for our Birthday squares. We had ELEVEN Birthday girls today, which covered the months of January and February….A LOT of fabric was brought in for me to sort out, here are the fabrics the birthday girls got they were all thoroughly delighted. They each were to receive a square of fabric of their choice of colour 12 1/2″, but a lot of the ladies were very generous in that size and they got bigger pieces than they expected. Everyone got the same amount the pictures just came up different sizes…..

Anne - Blue birthday

Anne – Blue birthday

Barbara - Autumn  birthday

Barbara – Autumn birthday

Claire - Mauve birthday

Claire – Mauve birthday

Dee - Mauve birthday

Dee – Mauve birthday

Di - Turquoise birthday

Di – Turquoise birthday

Gail - Lilac birthday

Gail – Lilac birthday

Jackie - Green birthday

Jackie – Green birthday

Janet Bas''' - Lilac birthday

Janet Bas”’ – Lilac birthday

Pat - Red birhday

Pat – Red birthday

Sue T - Red birthday

Sue T – Red birthday

Suz - Any colour you like birthday

Suzanne – Any colour you like birthday

After all the singing to the ladies it was of course tea time, we do like our tea at the Quilt Set along with a biscuit or three. The ladies worked really hard all day at their sewing, it just goes to show if I get it right, they all do the item of the day, that makes me very happy I can tell you. We discussed lots of other things to do in the year and the outcome is we are bringing back BLOCK LOTTO, I will explain it next time. We chose not to do the birthday thing again, although I do have an alternative idea for them for next time. I don;t let the grass grow under my feet I can tell you. We also managed to sort out a day for a machine class. I will be doing FMQ in July. So quite a lot of things going on for our small group. Pat asked if she could bring her Granddaughter to the FMQ class as she loves her machine and is not scared of it at all. I would be thrilled if she chooses to come but am leaving it up to her to decide. Watch this space….

After a hectic day, well it was for me, we got to SHOWTIME, a bit late but never-the-less we have some real beauties to show you….

Barbara May

Barbara M – Disappearing 9 patch -

Bridget 1

Bridget 1 – quilt from a class B went to with Katherine Guerrier

Bridget 2

Bridget 2 – close up the quilt

Debbie 1

Debbie 1 – Debbie is a very prolific sewer and loves nothing more than giving her work away, I know I got a gorgeous gift from her which I have forgotten to photograph at the moment -

Debbie 2

Debbie 2 – just beautiful embroidery on here -

Debbie 3

Debbie 3 – a runner with beautiful embellishments -

Debbie 4

Debbie 4 – close up

Debbie 5

Debbie 5 – close up 

Debbie 6

Debbie 6 – close up

Debbie 7

Debbie 7 – Finished project from last year, well done Debs

Irene 1

Irene 1 – can you guess what this is 

Irene 2

Irene 2 – It is a Quillo, very pretty too well done Irene, made from the hexagons she has been swapping with the ladies in Pat’s hexy group -

Irene 3

Irene 3 – Pretty bag

Irene 4

Irene 4 – a cushion this time

Jackie 1

Jackie 1 – The following are works in progress, Jackie has been making these for a while now and they are just so gorgeous I am glad she brought them for us to see how she is getting on, I did a kind of Baltimore or not class a while back and some of these are from that, others Jackie has designed herself -

Jackie 2

Jackie 2 – I apologise for the block underneath showing through, I should have moved them before the photo…

Jackie 3

Jackie 3

Jackie 4

Jackie 4

Jackie 5

Jackie 5

Jackie 6

Jackie 6

Jackie 7

Jackie 7

Jackie 8

Jackie 8

Jackie 9

Jackie 9

Janet Ba

Janet Ba,,, – Made from the class Suzanne did last February I believe. Suzanne designed this and this is the first one made for her to see, well done both of you

Janet Br

Janet Br – last year I was showing the ladies how to applique different ways and Janet went home and made this quilt using one of the ways – not sure which!

Margaret H 1

Margaret H 1 – Seahorses almost finished, just needs binding – {{More about this on my other Blog Quilting for others….}}

Margaret H 5

Margaret H 2 – Christmas comes early at the Quilt Set!!

Maureen J

Maureen J – now this took me back it was a small hanging I demonstrated when I was Chair at Northamptonshire Quilters way back in 199? we couldn’t remember, Maureen has just got the sleeve to do, we did laugh….At least she is completing it.

Sandra T

Sandra T – Sandra is a relatively new member of the Quilt Set but gamely brought along this for us to share, we did this in November, well done for completing it Sandra


You can see we are so busy at the Quilt Set, it truly is amazing what we can get though in a day, our next meeting is April, we were unable to have MArch for some reason!!! ho-hum.

I have to say I am just so proud of all the ladies they did so well on Saturday, I am a bit of a slave driver – they tell me – but surely it is worth going home with some idea or three for them to do at home at their own pace. Well I think it is.

Hope you enjoyed the show folks. Do let me know.

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I had an email the other day from Viv, she is Betty’s daughter. If you remember, Betty, my long time friend died last year. I now have to say that Bill, her wonderful husband has died.

It has come as a bit of a shock really, bless him, such a true Gentleman as Betty was a true Lady. The perfect couple I would say. You could not help but smile with them as they talked or over talked each other and corrected things the other had said, never nasty, always with fun. A joy to be with, Bill loved to reminisce about his days in the Royal Navy, absolutely fascinating to listen to, he should really have written a book of his memoirs. I remember when Annette and I had gone to see Betty one day about some of her fabrics, he was sent out to buy cakes for us on his way back from a Doctors appointment. Done as a surprise for us, he then came home and made us a wonderful cup of tea and presented us with the cakes. Thank you Bill I have wonderful memories of you and Betty over the years I have known you both.

My heart goes out to the family for their sad loss once again.

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I have some wonderful friends, when I sent a very cheeky request to Maggi, asking if she still had any of her wonderful hand dyed threads left for sale, I was not expecting what happened. A few days passed then I received….

Hand dyed threads by Maggi -

Hand dyed threads by Maggi -

Reds -

Reds -

Greens -

Greens -

Green / Yellow / Lilac mixes

Green / Yellow / Lilac mixes

leading on to the Blues



I asked Maggi how I could pay her and she has requested one of my recently made Postcards. No problem at all. I am just so lucky. I can see lots more Postcards being made with these beautiful threads. Thank you so much Maggi.


I bought these little cuties this week -

Tiny Teddies

they are for a special project I am doing, I needed two to see which I preferred, all will be revealed at a later date. Meantime I just have to go back and order some more.


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