So, my friend Debbie rang and reminded me I had not put any pictures on my Blog of my Quilt I entered for this year’s Festival of Quilts [FoQ] – sorry Debs, it is amazing when I realise already a week and a half has passed since we went, so here are some pictures of that day, I hope I can find them all, and apologies right now to folk on FB who have probably seen them all already.

Suzanne took a Selfie of us as we left the drive, Annette has the tickets and I am in charge of Cliff, Suzanne’s mate she takes everywhere with her…


It was lovely to meet up with Carol who I have known for a long time now, she hasn’t changed but I have, into an old lady hahaha, I was cold folks…


I also got to meet this lovely young lady, Victoria Findlay-Wolfe who is an amazing Quilter, love her work, Annette and I kept going back to her area the quilts were just so fabulous…


The three of us in front of my entry…


Full front picture —


Full back view of Quilt…

9 foq

Quilt’s number and title …


So there it is, sorry Maggi I didn’t manage to win anything I would have liked to have got something obviously for you but not to be. I tried. I got good comments from the judges, who ever they were, such secrecy surrounds them you would not believe, anyway, here are their comments for you to see, as promised I am sharing, hope you can see as they wrote in pencil…

Came home very tired, so much to see at a Quilt Show and after viewing piks on FB I see I missed loads and loads of them, also the stalls, didn’t manage to get round them all, too much, too little time, too exhausting for me now.

There you go Debbie, hope you like what you see, I have other stuff to catch up on but that will have to be another day. You take care after your Hip replacement, hope the pain eases off soon. Hugs coming your way (((((((xxxxxx))))))))

Comments are always welcome on here, good or bad I am happy with either, just no spammers please.

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I have just noticed there appear to be more and more adverts appearing on my blog pages.

I do not put them there folks

Adverts on Blogs annoy the life out of me and am sure they do you too, unless you make a living from them.

So if you see the adverts it is not because I have endorsed those products.

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We were very thin on the ground for this meeting which is a tad worrying as next year we are moving to new venue. I do hope the numbers will pick up or this could very well be the end of The Quilt Set. After going for 18 years I would be sad to see it end.

Due to the low attendance, there was not much for the Showtime – thankfully I had taken along the quilts I had made for my friend Angela who is collecting Hospital Quilts for a special reason. So sorry in advance as this is mainly my work…..

This is Bridget’s Quilt, she has been doing this quilt with the ladies for the whole of this year so it will be interesting when the ladies start to bring along their finished version, great job Bridget,,,


Pretty little bag and it was little, made by Dee at Margaret’s group, I used to call these Dolly bags…..


Same design bag as Dee’s but this one made by Margaret, there are two pictures of it to show you the different sides….

Margaret 1Margaret 2 different side

This is a bag made for my friend Jean who asked me to make her a special bag to hold all her patchwork and quilting rulers, this is the back, showing the pockets for various sized rulers, The picture beneath this one is showing the front with its big long pocket for her long ruler, inside is a big square pocket for her square ruler…..My own design…

1 front of Jean ruler bag

2 back of Jean ruler bag

This pattern is called Jewel Box, I made it with Fossil Fern fabrics with a black background which makes the fabrics ‘zing’, beneath this picture is a close up of it…

3 Jewel Box front

4 jewel box close up

This Quilt was a very old UFO of mine which I am happy to have finished, I think this is a keeper as I really like it, beneath this picture is a close up of it…

5 applique quilt

6 close up of applique quilt

OK, coming up next are pictures of Quilts I have made for my friend Angela, they are special Quilts for very special little people, they are all different sizes but the photos make them look the same!!!  There are some close up shots of some of them, I am sure you can work them out…


2 close up of 2


3 back of 3






8 back of 8



10 close up of 10


So there we are, hopefully in September I will have more peeps at the meeting and their work to show, not mine, meantime many thanks for popping in and please do feel free to leave me a comment on here if you can.


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