Whilst sorting through my stash in the cupboard with Rebecca the other day I found my ATC’s, YAYYY they had gone awol for a long time and I just could not remember where I had put them, Not to worry I have found them. Not that I will be making any more mind you, they are cute but…. enough is enough I am happy making my Postcards. I hope my friend Debbie can see them, she sometimes comes on here.

1-atcs 2-atcs 3-atcs 4-atcs 5-atcs 6-atcs 7-atcs 8-atcs 9-atcs 10-atcs 11-atcs 12-atcs 12b-atcs 12c-atcs 13-size-of-atcs

They are made same as Postcards just the size is different which I hope you can see in the last photo, they measure 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″…dinky or what!

Talking of Postcards I am so thrilled to be swapping a Postcard with an old friend, Martha off the WWW, I saw one she was making and asked if she fancied swapping with me, Yes she said, so great stuff, I will of course post it here when we have done the swap. Cheers Martha.

I have been taking photos of my stash, it is surprising how much you accumulate over the years, mine is though, beginning to recede, there are definite gaps in my cupboard.

I am off to one of my other Blogs now to load piks of two more Graffiti quilts I have finished lately. See you there maybe. Scroll to top and you should see link for it, it is called myartquiltjourney.

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This post is about different things hence title! I could have made a new post for each item, but hey life is too short for that malarkey in my view, so here you go a mixed post.

Yesterday I was searching for a piece of fabric I needed for ¬†some little 4″ squares for a quilt I have started to make, searched high and low and managed to find the perfect one. I had about 3/4yd, they said I need 1 yard but as I am making it slightly smaller I hope to get away with this amount I have. So, I get it out flat and measure the 4″ and run the rotary cutter up the edge, grr blunt, try again, no no good put new blade in Janet. So did that, pick the fabric up, now see where I went wrong can you?? Folded it straight and cut the strips 4″ then across 4″. ARGHHHHHHH, look what happened, OK it is only three squares but as I am already down on the fabric required I am really hoping I shall be alright.

oops  The quilt is going to take me some time to do so you will have to wait and see if I get away with it.

NEXT….Do you ever join your wadding? I am such an old scrooge you know, I do, any reasonable size piece gets the ‘join up’ treatment from me, then I use these for small items I do, NOT a Quilt I have to say… It is strong enough and quite honestly too expensive to be throwing away. These pieces will be used for some more Graffiti pieces I am going to do very soon


These fabrics have been pressed and pinned up ready for my Graffiti quilting.


So with one thing and another I am going to be busy busy busy. I love Quilting.

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I have started a group on Facebook for people to zap their UFO’s, if you are a patchworker/quilter you know what I mean. The group is doing well for a few days old, I have every confidence between us we will zap quite a few UFO’s this year.

I made a great start to it put up 4 pictures of my own UFO’s then couldn’t find two of them, hahaha have a feeling I have given them to my daughter Suzanne, will check later.

I am going to start with a giant 9patch 9patch, no I haven’t repeated myself that is what it is…..5-split-9patch-b

if you look close you will see I have had to join the wadding to make it fit this baby, waste not want not. Hope to get it pinned up ready to zap tomorrow. This is what I do folks. Quilt.

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