Many thanks first of all to all the lovely people who have advised me on how to get rid of those pesky holes left behind after frog stitching… I do appreciate all the advice you have given me and have tried most of them, the holes are still there, but each day I wriggle them a little more and they seem to be disappearing, so by the time the show comes around and I have to post the quilt off, maybe they will have gone away altogether, I can live in hope!

I am still quilting this same quilt, I cannot believe how long it is taking me really, well I can because I am my own worst critic. A part of it was done and dusted or so I thought, but yesterday, I looked at these particular areas and thought, uhuh, not good enough, so have had to go back to the centre and add quilting to the spaces that I had left clear, I have 20 of these spaces to do over the quilt, I have done 6 so far, yep, long job, lot of quilting.

I have also been drawing out designs for the final border and am still unsure of it, I liked the first one I drew, but then another day I drew something totally different and yep, I liked that too. So I am in a bit of a quandary at the moment, may end up doing, dip dip do with it hahaha.

My daughter Suzanne brought me the form you have to fill in to enter a quilt and the paperwork for all the registering and timings, it is getting close I know, but I refuse to be rushed on this quilt. It will be done in plenty of time it’s just me always leaving things to the last minute. The part I am dreading most is the hand sewing of the sleeve on the back, I know that will take me ages to do as my hands are so bad now, but hey-ho I will do it, as Manuel used to say…e-ven-tu-ally….

Maggi is in my mind the whole time I am working on this quilt and I feel sure she put the doubt in my mind about the un-quilted areas and now the border, maybe, maybe not, I just feel her so close as I am doing this.

When it is done [yay] I am going to do something simple. Annette my other daughter suggested making a Postcard, ha ha ha sounds good to me.

All for today folks, off to surf.

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OK those of you who know me know I am making a quilt to enter at the Festival of Quilts this year, it is using very special hand dyed fabrics done especially for me by Maggi Birchenough, my friend, who sadly is no longer with us. To do her proud I am going all out on this quilt as you can imagine.


I have hit a problem, this fabric once quilted leaves wholes where the stitches have gone. How do I know this? I have managed to quilt four feathers UPSIDE DOWN, just don’t ask…

Anyway I have unpicked the offending little devils but this is where I found out about the holes left in the fabric, I don’t know how to get rid of them. I am loathe to wet this fabric in anyway as I don’t know if it will water mark, or indeed run….I have googled this problem but all I get is how to remove stitching holes from SINGLE layers of fabric, this has the wadding and backing of course as it is a quilt. I am not overly fussed about the holes on the back, I feel with use they will disappear, it is the ones on the front, that every time I look at them seem to grow bigger and bigger! They don’t of course but it is scary.

So if anyone can give me any hints on how to solve this problem I will be so grateful, the sooner the better too please, pretty please.

If you are reading this on Facebook please go to my blog to answer this as I am not on Facebook right now, I need to give it a rest and I know if I nip on there I will get bogged down……sorry to be a pain, bit like the holes in my quilt!

Thanks in advance ladies and gents.

Hubby says this quilt is doomed, and to set fire to it……….No comment!

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365 days = one year = was it really that long ago Maggi Birchenough that you left us? So proud to be able to say you were my friend, in life and in death I will always remember you Maggi Birchenough and thank you for the inspiration you gave me in bucket loads. I hope you are quilting up a storm up there Maggi, miss you. xxxxxxxx


Today I learned that my friend Pat’s [[up the street], husband died over the weekend, such a shock even though he had not fully recovered from an illness he had last year he seemed to be doing well, just goes to show you just never know when it is your time. Apparently he died in his sleep. ┬áRest in peace John Laurens.


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