I received these two beauties in the post the other day from my very talented friend Debbie. She wants me to quilt them for her. ooooooooooo Yes was the answer they are going to be such fun to do. Thank you Debbie.

Here they are before the quilting – all hand done apart from the long seams which have been joined by machine…

Debbie's Quilt 1

Just look at all that embroidery, WOW Debbie you have surpassed yourself on this one…

Debbie's Quilt 2

I have them near my table so I look at them all the time to get inspired on the quilting.

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Towards the end of last year [2017] I joined two Fabric Postcard swaps, as you know I love making these little gems and used to swap many years ago, so I discovered these two and joined, funnily enough, one of them [Ineke’s] group was one I actually started way way back, nice to know it is still going under the admirable administration of Ineke. So here are the cards I sent and the ones I received in return, the fun thing is as well you don’t always get the person you are sending to as your return partner, so you never know who you will get a card from until you receive it. There are lots of other postcards swapped within all three groups, I am just showing the ones I received and sent out.

It has to be said that sometimes these little gems go ‘missing’ for whatever reason it happens, we have to accept it as a fact of life, maybe someone !! takes a fancy to what they see and just keeps it OR it does actually get lost in the mail system, who knows.

Anyway here are my lovely Postcards from folk –

UKQU Postcard Group – 


From the top – FROM —  Mary S — Diane L — Jo — Michelle D — Brenda W — Fiona ——— next are ones all from me to  other folk


From the top — FROM Anna H — then me to Brenda F —- one got ‘lost for a while then turned up after sending a replacement, all’s well that ends well


From the top — FROM — Brenda F — Madelaine R — Tracey A — the rest are from me to other folk




From the TOP – me to Ineke — then again as one got lost then found again — FROM –Wendy W


Me to Adri R and then Adri R to me



Tessa to me — Me to Charmiane

WOODLAND WALK THEME – compliments of Ange

Irene to me — then me to Ange

AURORA BOREALIS THEME – compliments of Marian

Charmian to me– then me to Marian


So far so good as they say, the next themes are already sorted for each group we just need our swap partners, then when I have received mine and my partner has received hers from me I will put them up again.

I cannot tell you what fun it is to first make this little gems then to receive them through the post, some from abroad too. If you wish to make them and join one of the groups above, let me know and I will send you the link, you have to request to be Members in all three groups.

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I t has been a while since I last blogged on here so am trying to get up to speed, I am not going to put much on as I honestly cannot remember all I have done since I last Blogged, sorry.  Oh by the way, Happy New Year to you all if you are still with me…..

OK first off here are all the wonderful gifts I had for Christmas from family, I am so lucky;

I’m sure you will agree with me that I am spoilt by my family and friends, all brilliant gifts, all will be used. Thank you to every one of you…..xxxx

Tomorrow lots of lovely eye candy for you folks, all to do with the swaps I am in now.

Thank you for staying with me.









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