Clint was needing a Flag for his group he is setting up Air Scouts at Sywell Northampton. The price they were asking was exorbitant so I offered to make one for him. Ordered blank flag on Saturday, it arrived on Monday, I gave it to him on Thursday. Job done, he was happy, grand total £5.99

First showing of flag

They came up with an idea to go into town on the Thursday for the LATE NIGHT SHOPPING and each Scout was given £5 they had to see how much they could buy with it as a fun challenge…..

Great tree!!

Wouldn’t you know – Northampton was SHUT –  8 pm and total shut down – what was the point of them advertising late night shopping if they are going to shut down at will?

Northampton is SHUT

They improvised as Scouts do, and apparently went on a quick sightseeing tour of the centre, here they are on the Town Hall Steps. Such a shame they had all been looking forward to the trip and Northampton let them down.

On the steps of the Town Hall which was OPEN

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Playing with thread and fabric having a grand time -

Front -

graffiti 001

 Back -

graffiti back 001

 Front -

graffiti 002

Back -

graffiti back  002

Front -

graffiti 003

Back -

graffiti back 003

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Apologies for lateness but had to wait for the pictures, then I forgot to load them, they are all present and correct now so hope you enjoy. This was the last meeting of the year for my group, always well attended one this one…..

We had a Birthday Girl – Jan – her birthday is actually in December but I decided to let her have it early as when we start in February next year there are going to be A LOT of Birthday Girls! Jan chose Purple for her colour choice -

Quilt Set November  - Jan  Birthday Fabrics

This is what I was demonstrating for the ladies to make today – a small Angel hanging, as my friend Di said ”it’s cute!!”

Quilt Set November - Angels by me


Pat B runs a Hexagon and Dresden Plate swap within the group but I had not seen any of them so requested folk bring their squares or rosettes along to be photographed, some must be shy as this is all we got. They are all pretty but I do not know who made what, sorry –

Quilt Set November  - Dresdens 1 Quilt Set November  - Hexagons 1 Quilt Set November - Suzanne's Dresdens

Hanging pockets for the mail by Barbara M I think…

Quilt Set November - Barbara's  maybe

I did an FMQ class a while back now and here is what Gail has made from that class, it is a small case which she has thread painted with flowers and a dragonfly, well done Gail -

Quilt Set November - Gail's

Margaret T bought one of Betty’s UFO’s from Viv and this is what she has made from it, great job Margaret, Betty would be thrilled I am sure -

Quilt Set November - Margaret T and Betty

Just look at what my Suzanne made, she bought this as a printed panel from Di last year and has finally got it made, she has it at the office filled the pockets with sweets, brilliant, well done Suzanne -

Quilt Set November - Suzanne's advent calemder

Margaret H brought this along, it is as you can see Seahorses, she was stuck with what to do with it now and has asked me to finish it off for her. WOOHOO, Ideas were flowing I can tell you, I have since emailed Margaret though as I didn’t want to ‘overdo’ it if she didn’t like that idea. I am restraining myself somewhat since the reply hee hee

Quilt Set November  - Margaret H

As this was the last meeting of the year, it has become a custom that I make a small gift for all the ladies at this meeting, this year I was a little behind due to illness but managed to get these little gift bags done for them, they each had four chocolates inside and a card with next year’s dates on so they don’t forget….

quilt set gift bags 1

quilt set gift bags 2

I had a really lovely surprise at the meeting, Viv had sent me the links for the new stuff for sale of Betty’s and I had reserved some of the threads as I use sparkly threads quite a lot – you may have noticed! Unfortunately Viv was unable to come as her Dad was poorly so she sent along her daughter instead who presented me with this -

Gifts from VIV 002

on opening it up, just look what was inside -

Gifts from VIV 001

WOW, I am just soooo lucky, Viv went through all the threads and pulled all the sparklies out for me. Thank you so much Viv I am thrilled with them – I have in fact already used some of them on my new batch of postcards - see other Blog for them.

That brings this years Quilt Set meetings very neatly to a close. I am now sorting next year’s projects for the ladies to have a go at, hope they like what I have come up with, it is very different to the normal thing they do, hahaha. They will love it. Lots more to sort yet though. Things are changing at the group for next year.

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