This machine is you may recall my new Bernina B330 because my old Bernina ought really retire but I keep working it, I am so wicked I know. This machine gave me such grief when I first had it that it got banished in it’s case under my sewing table for the best part of the year I have had it. I know I know, stupid or what! Anyway the other day I thought, Right, enough is enough and that is why you got pictures of whips and the like as I got hubby to drag it out from under the depths and dust it off [haha] and put my beloved Bernina in the case instead, but not under the table, it sits on top just in case —–



Well, it has kind of been taught a lesson, or at least that is what I think as it is behaving itself – I did threaten to chuck it into next door’s garden, you know the ones with all the dogs, I think that actually did the trick. I have managed to quilt – yes quilt – a whole quilt on this machine and no glaring errors on front or back. I still feel I have a way to go though to get the stitching just right, also the satin stitch needs a bit of tweaking now and then, I am very fussy about that. In fact if you nip over to my Postcard blog you will see some of those postcards on there I actually made on the new machine, which I cannot remember but just letting you know especially my friend Di, I am using it now Di. So it looks as though it may get to stay. Mind you, I will still be using by beloved Bernina 1090s – this one – for any customer quilts I get to do, well bless it, I don’t want it to feel left out of things, or heaven forbid, cease up.



One thing I have noticed about the new Bernina is that is really a lot quieter than the old one, not that I am complaining, I just can hear my music a bit better using that one, which probably means the neighbours can hear me singing along a lot clearer too! OOPS!



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It is the Festival of Quilts time at Birmingham. I decided not to go this year, maybe next year,  I need to be more ‘at ease’ with my wheels. Was looking through my old pictures and found these from 2011 they are of the ‘Comin thru Crew’ great to see these again, hope you all agree… Fun at the 2011 FoQ1 Fun at the 2011 FoQ4 Fun at the 2011 FoQ6 Fun at the 2011 FoQ7 Fun at the 2011 FoQ10 Fun at the 2011 FoQ11 PP gals FoQ 20111 Then in 2012 it was a very special time for the ”PP Coming thru Crew”  Tessa had a Special Occasion coming up, the video says it all. Enjoy once again your moment of fame Tessa.

 I hope it works folks.

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