Well what a great day today was. I have that on the word of Margaret who told me at the end of the meeting that –

“this was just what everybody wanted, learning something new and everybody doing the same thing, a very enjoyable day”

What a lovely thing to say…I have to point out to you all now that I had taken a backseat today and one of the members Bridget was doing the class today, so that is great praise for her which I will pass on of course. I had to smile because after Margaret had said all that, she then quickly added, we enjoy your days as well of course….haha stop while you are winning Margaret.

I do understand what she meant, because I had taken a backseat it meant I could watch everyone and yes, they were all doing the same thing, bar one lady, and they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Note to self ..give yourself a kick up the butt.

Luckily for me Bridget is doing more or less the whole years classes I believe so I am going to make use of the time by thinking us something for next year and catching up with everyone’s news. The class Bridget is doing  I called it Fabric Manipulation, to be done by hand which kind of ruled me out, although I will have a bash at doing it by machine at home, so watch this space.

We only have one picture of the blocks the ladies were doing on Saturday, Bridget had given them four print outs, 2 for January 2 for February, that is how she is going to do the rest, 25 all told. It is going to be a great small quilt and I am thrilled everyone is having a go at this very different to my style.


I do hope you can see what they had been doing, I think there may be different blocks there, some got more than one done!!! Well done ladies and thank you to Bridget for a most enjoyable class, looking forward to March now.

So on to SHOWTIME – get a cup of tea, lots of piks for you to see –

First off, some Bags by Bridget, she needed an evening bag so decided to make her own, these are absolutely amazing folks, you have to zoom in on them to see their beauty…

1-bridgets 2-bridgets 3-bridgets

I am so sorry I have forgotten who made this stunning cutting mat bag, I will get it sorted asap…


Some Graffiti by me –

1-my-graffiti 2-back-of-graffiti-1 3-my-graffiti 4-my-graffiti 5-back-of-graffiti-4

Another beautiful bag, this time made by Margaret, who told us the pattern had no end of errors in it so she had to ‘cobble’ it together as best she could, I think she has done great –


Quilt by me for my elder daughter Suzanne for Christmas just gone – front view, picture below is back view –

1-my-ufo 2-back-of-ufo-1

Quilt by me for Richard my son-in-law, for Christmas just gone, this was not square so I don’t understand what has happened here –


Quilt by me, made in memory of my mum and her favourite colours –


This Quilt is a joint effort, the patchwork blocks were made by Annette, my younger daughter, I added the four yellow blocks and quilted a sunflower in them to tie in with the other blocks, below is a close up of the sunflower –

5-my-ufo 6-my-ufo-close-up

Quilt by me it is a different layout for log cabin blocks, not often seen also I do believe this quilt is oblong not square, so not sure what has happened there!!!!


This is my GD Rebecca’s cross stitch of her beloved Audrey Hepburn, finally finished and ready to be pressed and framed, well done Rebecca –


Drum roll please. This Sylvia’s Play mat for a new baby, it can’t be used as a cot quilt as someone – you know the type – told her to use wadding AND fleece on the back, whew, way too hot for a baby but fine as a play mat. Sylvia struggled all year with this quilt and I hope you agree with me she has done a great job on it, she got our biggest applause along with cheers on the day, well done Sylvia, what’s next?


So that was Saturday, a wonderful day, I love being among Quilters they are the BEST people in the world.



About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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4 Responses to MY GROUP SATURDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2017

  1. searchfamilies says:

    I am with you Janet about hand work but sounds like a good class
    Love the Log Cabin Quilt but that is one of my favourite blocks along with one or two others
    Yes it nice that you can sit back & enjoy the class & how nice of Bridget to do the classes
    Hugs Janice

  2. Carol says:

    Jan, I love seeing all the photos from your qroup, they really brighten my day. Congrats to Reb on her cross stitch, super picture. My favourite though, is your graffiti. Thanks for sharing
    Carol B xxxx

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