Sorry for delay in putting these pictures up, I cannot seem to get everything fitted in my days of late. Trying hard now to catch up on a few of my Blogs…bear with me folks. It was a lovely day, we had a great turnout too, it’s funny, we always seem to have a lot of people on the last meeting of the year, I can never work it out, if anyone has a clue, do tell me. Anyway, I believe the ladies all enjoyed themselves, we had lots to do in the time we were there, Viv had come with yet more of Betty’s things, she did a grand sale again, I am hoping to get the running total from her soon I have a feeling it is going to be BIG! All monies from the sale of Betty’s items is going to RNLI a very worthy cause.

We had Showtime which looked to be pretty good by the pile of bags on the stage, a grand raffle, I put everything I had left from the year on the table so we start with fresh stock next year. We also had the seperate raffle for our chosen charity which was Air Ambulance this year, We raised just over £200 for them, purely through a bag being raffles at each meeting, so well done ladies, but let’s beat that total next year.

Poor Suzanne was run ragged throughout the day, setting up and clearing up at end of day, what with selling tickets for both raffles and making the tea taking photos, setting tables up for the two ladies demonstrating, Margaret and myself, and sorting tables for the ladies selling their own goods later on. Without her there would be no Quilt Set as I could not do this on my own, so a HUGE THANK YOU goes to her. Well done Suzanne, another year over, have a rest for a couple of months then we get back in the saddle.

Here then are the photos from that day, I do hope you enjoy them and will comment where you feel moved to do so, the ladies do appreciate feed back.

Anne B made a table cloth, red in the picture, then a runner to go on top, cream in the picture and to cap it all a row of Bunting from printed stockings, great ideas Anne well done…


Bridget loves to visit Stef Francis whenever she goes to shows and this year was no exception, she bought this as a Kit and promised NOT to go off piste with it, as she normally does like to do her own thing, so this is the result of that kit, you had to see it to be amazed at the beauty of this. After making the kit up Bridget then did ‘her thing‘ with stuff she had bought from Stef Francis and this bag is the result, just gorgeous, thanks for bringing them along B, loved them…


Jan P is a very quiet member of the group, comes in head down and just gets on with it. Well to say I was amazed at this is putting it mildly, bless her she said how long it took her but we wont bother with that….just be proud Jan, you finished it and it is pretty good, well done to you…


Janet B made this lovely hanging, I expect you all know I just adore Dragonflies from the postcards I make, Janet had made these just beautifully and the background quilting is great stuff, it is Kantha quilting, so a big well done to you Janet…


Jean is yet another of our quite ladies, everything Jean does is painstakingly done by hand, I admire her so much cos she just sticks at it, this you may recall was our last months project, Jean has done it proud…


Maureen surprised us with these two small pieces as she usually makes BIG items, everybody loved the log cabin style table centre, and along with the table runner made from those little squares you get both her items were a success all round the room…


Wendy B is one of recent new members of the group, she brought along these three pieces to share with us. The Sheep hanging brought laughter from all round the room and the small hanging in the centre left us open mouthed, each one of those little squares with animals on is machine embroidery, yet they are so soft, not stiff and horrid as machine embroidery normally is, I wonder what her secret is!  The third small quilt is to be a Linus quilt, Wendy enjoys making them as she says they are quick to do and only small, so well done Wendy and welcome to the group…


The next ten pictures are all my own work, sorry if you have seen any of them before, the reason they are here is because they are now FINISHED, yayyyyy, a rough description of them beginning at first picture follows; 1 Little bags, I made one for each member to have as a little gift from me for coming to the group, 2 and 3 are Journal pages made whilst doing the SewCalGal challenges a few years back, 4 and 5 are of the same thing just  front and back view, I call it Graffiti, 6 and 7 are small mats made from those corners you chop off when making ‘snowball’ blocks, waste not want not I say, 8 and 9 are small hangings made using my special fabrics from Maggi Birchenough, she hand dyed all these fabrics and they are just mmm gorgeous, I have a quilt to do from Maggi’s fabrics, which is why I made these two small hangings to practice my quilting on them and to see how the threads re-acted with the fabrics, just about perfectly I think. The final picture, 10 is one of the quilts I designed and made for Makower many moons ago, this is my own one to keep, smaller than the one I made for them, but perfect for me.


I started a little tradition last year of allowing the ladies to bring in things they had made and they could sell them to get themselves some pennies whatever, from having two tables it escalated this year to FIVE tables, in order of who the tables belong to –

1 – belongs to Barbara who makes lots of various items with disabled people, as you can see lots of variety on her table;

2 – belongs to Janet H who makes her own cards, they are beautiful, and beautifully presented too.  Many thanks to Janet who gave a generous donation to our charity of the year.

3 – belongs to Jill who makes her own jewelry, very pretty it all is too such patience;

4 – belongs to Margaret T who does a lot for her Church, she was doing a demonstration table as well today so didn’t get round to making much for this table but she gave it a go;

5 – well no photo, no idea why not, except it was mine ha ha, I was selling postcards and quilted bags.


Final photo, phew, a candid shot of the ladies enjoying their lunch after a hard morning of making the items on the two demonstration tables, probably all wondering what they will buy from the sales tables now.


As I said at the beginning it was a great day, tiring but very enjoyable. Thank you to all who attended I do hope you will come back when we re-start next year. That will be February.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. Great job ladies raising money for such a good cause. Love seeing what you all created. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  2. searchfamilies says:

    As Always the Ladies have done some beautiful items along with yours Janet
    Hugs Janice

  3. Janet hills says:

    I show your photos to other ladies and they love the patchwork. I am truly inspired. Thank you Janet.

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