OK so it’s taken me a little while to get organised but here we go, I have the photo’s now and they are ready to load here.

We had a lovely day apart from the heating in the hall not working, they hadn’t informed me so it was a chilly lot of ladies sitting sewing until their hands froze, Sorry ladies it was not my fault and a letter is winging its way to the hirers about it. I have to say I not impressed with the way they are handling their stint as Hall owners. Hopefully we will get new ones soon who know what they are doing. Anyway enough of them on to the pictures

We had two new ladies join us today one of whom I knew from way back when, thank you to Sylvia for bringing along Wendy and Rita.

This is the block they were sewing today, a simple little star !! I thought, but as always people put their own ‘take’ on it and we get different views of it. I don’t mind because sometimes it works a treat and you end up with something pretty amazing. I had made kits for today as they actually had to make FOUR of these stars to be able to see the secondary pattern, no one managed to get four done, why am I not surprised, they put it down to being cold, fair enough…


Moving on to Showtime, it was a great one today, I think my little ‘nagging session’ must have got through ha ha. Get yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy this show.

The embroidered tree was done by Anne B, she was the first to get hers done, I am hoping to see more at next month’s Showtime…

The brown bag was made by Dee in answer to a challenge set by passion4quilting for my group, it will be done next year so Dee will have to bring it back I am afraid, nice bag Dee but why isn’t it purple????


YESSS Dee has finished her Baby Jane, this is made of 4″ squares folks, such patience, I do admire her for keeping on with it, thanks for bringing it in it looks great…

The next quilt is a Trip Around the World, made by Gail at a machine day I had for ‘Make a quilt in a day’ a while back. Yes this top was made in a day and then she went home and quilted it, isn’t it gorgeous…


The very subtle coloured quilt next up is a Disappearing 9 Patch made by Janet B, you have to bring this up to see the beauty of all the bits and bobs she has added to the quilt, just lovely Janet…

The next small hangings were made by Joyce V, she struggles a lot with her sewing as her sight is beginning to fail, so I do admire the fact she keeps at it with these cute little hangings…


This bag is another entry for the passion4quilting challenge, this one made by Margaret, the first picture shows it closed and the second, the ties are undone so making the bag stretch open for more goodies to be added, again Margaret will have to bring it back when they come to us next year…


I never tire of seeing this next quilt, made by Maureen it is a real beauty, the first picture is the close up of it, the second one is of the whole quilt, I have no idea why the pictures swapped places! I will be doing this block with my group next year…

The third quilt in the line up is also done by Maureen and is another TATW quilt done on the machine day, how different they look, Maureen called hers ‘Tutti Fruity’ great name don’t you think…


First picture is of bags and a cushion and a cute box made by Sue D, another of my lovely ladies who struggles very much with her sewing but keeps on going, the second pictures shows a very pretty Rose quilt made of heart blocks we did a way back, is also made by Sue…

The fourth picture is a gorgeous panel of a Japanese lady which is being hand quilted by one of my new ladies, Wendy B was sitting very quietly stitching away and I zoom in behind her and say I’ll have that later for Showtime, nearly scared the poor woman to death, she survived though and carried on sewing away, it is going to be ‘bagged’ when she has finished so you don’t see all the ends of the threads at the back, great idea…


From Wendy W a real treat, all the rest of the items you will now see have been made by her over various years. Wendy is yet another quiet stitcher and just gets on with it, just shows you what you can achieve ladies. First picture is of a small quilt we did at the group a few years back I believe now. It is a gorgeous interpretation of it Wendy, well done…

Second picture is of Wendy’s Baby Jane, this one is 6″ blocks, sensible girl hahaha none of that 4″ malarkey for you and me, done in soft lilacs it turned out a treat…


First picture is of three simple hearts on a string ready for Christmas, all the best ideas are the simple ones…

Second picture is of some lovely wonky trees for Christmas, I can’t actually remember when we did this but it is a treat to see it again, I love those trees…


First picture is of a Suffolk Puff Tree, embellished beautifully and ready for that day, the ladies all laugh when I have to say about Suffolk Puffs, as they know I hate the darn things, yes I know they are pretty and all that but people always seem to go Ahhhhh whenever they see something made with them. Oh well each to their own, serves me right for introducing them to the darn things. Lovely tree Wendy W…

Next picture is of a three Ohio Star table runner again ready for that big day of the year, beautifully made as I expect from Wendy, also quilted a treat…

The final picture is of a quilt again made at my group by a lot of the ladies a while back, some admitted to not yet finishing theirs yet!!!! Maybe Wendy’s beautiful rendition of it will spur them on. Thank you Wendy W for an amazing finish to a wonderful Showtime.


So there we are a real visual feast for you reading this blog. I hope you will leave comments, I do like to pass them on to the ladies who are not on the internet, not everyone is you know.

Thank you for looking and do remember to come back.



About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. What a fun post. Your group is so talented. Love all their projects..Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  2. searchfamilies says:

    What a lovely lot of items in the Showtime, love reading what the girls are doing Thanks for sharing their work
    Hugs Janice

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