Yes here I am again, you may have forgotten me but I am still about. I cannot believe I haven’t blogged since LAST YEAR! I have some serious catching up to do. I do have an excuse, I have been ill, but I am not going into that as I have no wish to bore you now that I have your attention. I have got to try and re-acquaint myself as to how this works first folks, so please forgive any little hiccups for a few posts.

I hadn’t done any sewing/quilting for five months so there again you are going to have to excuse the lack of pictures for a short while. I am catching up with quilting now. I was actually from end January making and dabbling in my Postcards. My lovely friend Maggi Birchenough encouraged me to make several to get back into the swing of quilting. Start small she said and gradually you will want to do some proper quilting. Which did happen.

Maggi sadly passed away after a battle with Cancer, but she is still here with me in my sewing room, wherever I look there is a little something she has made me in the past, so she will never be forgotten. I am actually making a quilt with her fabulous hand dyed fabrics she did for me way way back. I managed to get the quilt top together and a photo sent to her via hubbies mobile phone so she could see it. Sadly she will not see it quilted. I will try my very best quilting on this one and I hope to enter it into FoQ this year, wish me luck, I haven’t started it yet as I am doing a few odd quilts I have laying around [UFO’s] to get into the swing of proper quilting again. I will try to find pictures of the fabrics I used for the quilt, if none appear here, you know I had no luck finding them.

The main reason for not finding them is I now have a laptop and talk about starting all over again. Nightmare!! My GD Rebecca is being so patient with me teaching me how to use it, I feel lost most of the time.

I can send you over to my POSTCARD Blog to view the Postcards I made whilst recuperating. There are a few, Maggi did laugh when I told her how many……at this stage I have to go and find the link to get you there….hang on a sec peeps…I’ll be back…


woohoo I found out how to do that without losing all my work. So whilst I am on a roll so to speak, I will close for now and hopefully find something for you to see next time you visit. Actually not as clever clogs as I thought, you will have to click on that address then click on the one that pops up to get to my Postcard Blog, sorry. Will get GD to show me how next time she is here.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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15 Responses to HELLO IT’S ME

  1. Lovely to see you back Blogging Jan X

  2. Tess wallace says:

    Hi Jan, you’ve inspired me to get back to my blog and do something with it. I’m so pleased to see you are writing again. It seems so long. I hope you are feeling better now. Take care.

  3. Carol B says:

    Jan, wonderful to see you back. I have missed your lovely messages about your quilting and family. I was talking about you to Marian a couple of weeks ago – were your ears burning, all good things honest! Take care and I hope your health continues to improve.
    Carol xxxx

  4. QuiltShopGal says:

    I’ve missed your posts and meaning to send you a note, as I’ve been thinking of you often. I hope the rest of the year brings you good health and plenty of time to enjoy and create. Loved all your gorgeous postcards.


  5. searchfamilies says:

    So Glad to see you posting & hearing you are sewing again you take care
    Hugs Janice

  6. Caz says:

    Nice to ‘see’ you blogging again,, I have not blogged in about 6 months. Sorry to hear that Maggi is no longer with us. She was a wonderful artist. X

    • Hi Caz, yes awful news about Maggi, sorry, I miss her and her advice so much. Maybe you can get back to blogging too in the near future, feel sure you have lots to inspire us.

  7. Fiona says:

    So pleased to see you back! x

  8. Audrey Penny says:

    Lovely to hear from you again Jan, I was wondering if you were ill when we hadn’t heard from you. Hope you are feeling much better now and so glad that you are sewing again. Take care. Audrey. X

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