Now THAT is the question.

I was on Facebook last night and a lady had put a picture up of an old piece of textile she had quilted, it really took my eye and I mentioned I had bought something years ago from a Charity shop, and would send her a picture of it, to see if she thought I should quilt it or not. I have sent the picture and await her reply. Here is how I found my bargain of all bargains. The lady is Kelly Cline, do please visit her Blog here is the link for you  I will check this works.

Many years ago I used to help out in a Charity Shop, the lady in charge knew about my love of all things textile related and saved an item for me to look at. When I went in the following week to do my stint, she said ”I kept this for you to see it is an old tablecloth and wondered if you would like it?”  Would I?  I explained to her how wonderful it was and that yes I would certainly buy it at its proper given price and be willing to pay more as I had fallen in love with it. She asked me for £2.50 I again explained how precious it was, but she insisted that was the price it would be on the shop floor. I gave her double, would have given more but she would not accept it. I think it is priceless myself. It is all hand done folks, the applique is exquisite and looking at it today I am wondering if it was a kit as everything is perfectly uniform. Regardless it is my wonderful piece of textile history. I wish I knew where it had come from but she said it was in a black bin bag along with some very old clothes, they had no idea who had left it in the shop. I just thank god I was there at that particular time.

So here it is for you to see, hubby took the photos for me and I have just realised he didn’t quite get the whole thing in, never mind, the second photo shows the corner work, that fine green line you see is herringbone stitch, the hemming is also done with the same stitch. There are a few tiny stains on it which I have been unable to get out, they don’t worry me at all. It proves it was used.

The centre of tablecloth –

Green applique Charity Shop Quilt 001

Corner work –

Green applique Charity Shop Quilt 002

close up of centre –

Green applique Charity Shop Quilt 003

another close up showing how identical these appliques are –

Green applique Charity Shop Quilt 004

close up showing the superb herringbone stitching –

Green applique Charity Shop Quilt 005

I am trying to remember where this bit was – will have to check tomorrow, maybe try to get a complete photo of it –

Green applique Charity Shop Quilt 006

Isn’t it fabulous? I am so lucky, I just cannot decide what to do though re quilting it, do I have the courage to do it and give it justice? Your thoughts on it would be most grateful.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. Tonya says:

    That Is a beautiful piece. I know you Will do it justice.

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