Hmm mm

I joined a site on Facebook a while ago, it was to help people sell their Quilts or work. It seemed most of the people on there were in USA, that’s OK, nothing against that at all. I joined in some conversations that took my fancy, some interesting people and pieces of work on there. In fact I have been chatting to one lady from the site ever since.

Then, the other evening I saw a message that I found offensive, I replied to it, then informed the person I was reporting it to Admin. Which I did, saying that I found the post that had been put up was offensive especially in this particular year and I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to belong to a group that allowed this sort of comment. The follow on comments to the original post were a pretty mixed bunch I have to say, some were saying there was nothing wrong and others were agreeing with me. Then in one message I was told it was not worth reporting. WHAT? I am not going to put on here the full message – well actually I can’t as I have been removed from the group!! Suffice to say it was comparing the Administration people who run the group to – Natzis – her spelling not mine.

After reading all the messages for and against it turned out this person was just wanting to get people to join HER group so they could sell their work. What a way to go about getting people to join you.

I had a message from the admin people saying they were sorry I felt the message was upsetting !!!! and so were removing me from the group so I would not be upset again.

Is it me?


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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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10 Responses to Hmm mm

  1. searchfamilies says:

    Surely FB should look to removing the post the you the person so what they are saying is that you can’t complain because if someone does then they will be removed just shows how stupid FB is when you have groups your better off not being part of such a group
    Hugs Janice

  2. Audrey Penny says:

    Oh dear Jan, we can’t be responsible for the twisted minds of other people! It is a shame that a few can spoil it for so many others. Just keep your chin up and move on from it. Hope you are feeling a lot better now. x

  3. Maggi says:

    Not a pleasant position to be in but I am inclined to agree that it wouldn’t be worth reporting it, not because it wasn’t offensive but because FB never seems to want to remove anything, however offensive. I tried once with something much worse than this and got nowhere. I think you are better off away from a group like that.

    • Maggi it wasn’t FB, the group is on FB but I didn’t report to them I reported to the group’s admin. Not to worry I am out of it now. So they can get on with it. Will keep myself to myself in future unless I start a group. Oh I already have, silly me.

  4. I agree with Maggi Jan, I wouldn’t want to be associated with a group that allowed that sort of conversation to go unchecked. Best out of it I’d say.

  5. Carol B says:

    Jan, how crazy. The person who was so offensive should have been removed not you. I am sad to say that this just shows how upsidedown the world has become. Don’t let it bother you Jan, it is the groups loss not yours, and shame on the others in the group for not supporting you.

    • I am not fussed Carol, happy to be done with it tell the truth so many emails and all so silly, questions that if they gave a moment’s thought they could answer themselves. I will just stick to my own postcard swap group.

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