I have been playing with all the beads I have, I came to the conclusion seeing as they have been with me for some time now, I really ought to get back to using more of them. Here you can see what I am talking about. What I have been doing with them comes later…..

I bought these for Annette, she thinks there is one packet....oops!!

I bought these for Annette, she thinks there is one packet….oops!!

My Bead collection 002 My Bead collection 003 My Bead collection 004 My Bead collection 005 My Bead collection 006 My Bead collection 007 My Bead collection 008 My Bead collection 009 My Bead collection 010 My Bead collection 011 My Bead collection 012 My Bead collection 013 My Bead collection 014 My Bead collection 015

This is my 200th Post for WordPress on this Blog, so I decided to mark this monumental occasion by sending one of the Postcards I have been beading to one person who leaves a comment here on my Blog about these beads and would like one!! {Postcard not bead}  I will choose the winner by whacking your names in a hat and getting Rebecca to pull one out. You can be anywhere in the World, I will post a card to you I promise, it will be in an envelope due to the beads.

I will close this giveaway on 21st January WEDNESDAY next week.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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6 Responses to BEADS, BEADS, BEADS and a GIVE AWAY

  1. Tonya says:

    you know me. I like anything you make. It’s all so lovely.

  2. searchfamilies says:

    I use to use beads in my machine knitting many years ago, not used beads in other crafts but they do look nice on different projects
    Hugs Janice

  3. Diane-crewe says:

    well…. if you use a few them you still have plenty more to look at!! lol x

  4. buntyw says:

    Wow what an incredible collection of beads Jan!

  5. Maggi says:

    Beads are like stashes, no matter how many you use they never seem to go down!

  6. Dorothy Matheson says:

    Oh such pretty beads. I have a large box full of beads. I have done off loom bead weaving to make necklaces and bracelets a couple of years ago. Also did crazy quilting and used beads on those blocks.

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