When I was having a general sort out last week I came across these photos. They are of a quilt I made for my Mum for her 80th birthday in her favourite colours of Pink and Lilac – a long time ago now. It was all done by hand and in those days I didn’t have a sewing room, I had a corner in our bedroom to sew. This quilt was pretty huge and I ended up with it strewn across our bed whilst I quilted listening to an audiobook or three. Those were the days. I finished it in time for Mum’s birthday and took it along to my sister’s house where Mum was having a bit of a do. We nipped upstairs to my sister’s bedroom and put the quilt on the bed. Went down for Mum and took her up, she looked at the quilt and said “Oh” hahaha, then I told her it was for her. Tears. Lots of them. Along with questions like,  – Did you make it? How? When? Is it really for me? That last one got me and I said of course it is for you, more tears and then she said she had never had anything made especially for her – EVER.  Anyway we managed to get her away from it, although when anyone went up to look at it, she shouted up the stairs, don’t you touch my quilt or sit on it……So here it is and if you look closely at the top right hand corner of this picture, you will see my sewing table…


This is showing the back of the quilt flipped over the front…

This is a close-up of one of the blocks…

Card I received from Mum after she had gone back home, note the lovely swirly curly writing. I had the quilt back from her and put it in a show at her request – Malvern Show it was, didn’t get anywhere but I did have some nice comments from the judges about my hand quilting…4I had the quilt back from her and put it in a show at her request – Malvern Show it was, didn’t get anywhere but I did have some nice comments from the judges about my hand quilting. I have no idea why I look so scared…

It was decided – by Mum – that when she died the quilt would be passed on to the eldest member of the family, sadly that would have been my brother Tony, he died before Mum unfortunately so I took the decision to give the quilt to his wife Jean. She too has died since and I have no idea where this quilt is now. Not to worry I just hope it is keeping someone warm.

Of course nowadays I do everything by machine, but this just proves to the many doubters that I ever did hand work. I used to love hand quilting and really miss it.



About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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5 Responses to MUM’s QUILT

  1. Dorothy Matheson says:

    I gave one of my early quilts to my Mom for Christmas and she has used it on her bed since. All machine made and many a mistake made in it. Its name is Nine Trolls and some Smurfs. I took a large bag of scraps left over from others quilting and what I had from my clothing making and made nine patch blocks. If I did not have enough I just pieced the pieces. I had a large piece of teal and used it for the sashing. I did not know how to keep the rows even and I sure did not know how to quilt on the machine very well. However I did finish it and she uses it. It is fun to look at all the 70’s and some 80’s prints in it.
    Very different from your lovely quilt but the same reason behind it. Love of Mom’s.

  2. searchfamilies says:

    It a beautiful quilt what was the judges blind not awarding you something
    May be one of your brother’s children has the quilt, well done your mum was very proud of you
    Hugs Janice

  3. Diane-crewe says:

    wonderful memories .. and hopefully it is still keeping someone warm and loved x

  4. maggi21 says:

    Well done Jan. That must have been a momentous undertaking to do that by hand. I hope that it is safe and being loved somewhere, even if not still within the family.

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