What a good thing Suzanne has a van to take everything to the Quilt Set for us –Ready for Quilt Set

Once again Viv brought along lots of items of her mum’s for us to purchase, we did Betty proud too. Viv raised £286.00 from us this month, [[last month it was £200.50]]  We all bought wonderful things, which is great because it means a little memento of Betty is with a lot of us. Viv gave me a Quilt Betty had made which we will raffle in the group next year, and all the money raised will be going to RNLI as that was Betty’s pet charity. There are as you can imagine still lots of items, fabrics and threads included,  for Viv to work her way through.

I feel so sorry for my girls when they have to do this with all my stuff……which is why I am trying to sell a few quilts now. It is a start.

Anyway, I digress, the meeting was an eventful one of which I am not going into details here, I am just sharing with you the lovely things the ladies brought in for our SHOWTIME.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

These are EILEEN’s Birthday squares, she was unable to attend the last meeting so got them today, what a great mix of black and white –

Eileen's birthday fabrics

 These are MY birthday squares, I asked for Plain fabric, any colour but black or white, I think you will agree I have a fabulous range here, you may also not I have more than anyone else. That is because I got spoilt somewhat, Viv discovered we share the same birthday so gave me the pale pink at the start of the fabrics, and my Suzanne was not sure everyone would bring me ‘plain’ squares, so gave me one FAT QUARTER woohoo from each of her cats, Foggy, Onion, Maz, Pilchard, Chablis and Noisey – ha ha ha –  they are the final six in the row, the Rainbow she said.                                                  [My thanks also to Anne and Debbie for the extra presents, naughty girls.]

my birthday fabrics

 For this meeting the theme was USING STRIPS I demonstrated the following –

Making Fabric – 

Tumbling Blocks –

Rail Fence –

Log Cabin – Chevron, Basic and CourtHouse Steps –

Weed Whacker – from Quiltville by Bonnie Hunter,

I like to keep them busy you see! I asked for everyone to give the Tumbling Blocks a go, most of them did, but very difficult to get 100%, but the ladies who did  have a go placed their finished cube on the board and look what they made, I think that is fabulous, just shows you do not have to have them all the same or coordinating colours, well done to the ladies who had a go –

Quilt Set Ladies Tumbling blocks

 JENNY had a go at the ‘basic’ Log Cabin block and didn’t mind me pointing out her mistakes to her. this is how they learn, I could quite easily have let this pass, but when I explained, she got it straight away and was pleased I had told her, can you see the mistakes? They are typical of a person having a first time at Log Cabin, mind you the block is square so well done on that point Jenny –

Jenny's first Log Cabin

 I am hoping to have lots of items next month to show you using the blocks demonstrated today for as I was going round I noticed quite a few of the ladies were having a go at the WeedWhacker and Log Cabin, one also was giving the Tumbling Blocks a good work over.


This is ANNE’s Quilt top, it is awaiting quilting, I cannot remember how long it took her to make but as she has great difficulty in sewing, you have to admire her for this –

Anne's Quilt top

Dresden Cushion made by GAIL, one of my prolific sewing ladies –

Gail's Dresden

– this too was made by GAIL, she is the first to finish the project we were doing this year, the Star Quilt, I hope to see more at the next couple of month’s, great job Gail, I have yet to finish mine [oops] –

Gail's project

MARGARET T very kindly brought in this DAMMIT DOLL for us all to see, she had been sent it by an American friend, I love that fabric – here is the poem for you to see –

When you want to climb the wall  or stand right up and SHOUT—-Here’s a little Dammit Doll you cannot live without —–Just grasp it firmly by the legs  and find a place to SLAM IT—–And as you whack its stuffing out yell—–DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!

Margaret T's Dammit doll

Made by SUZANNE for one of her Colleagues who was 18 not long ago, Suzanne designed and made it all herself, I am so proud of what she is achieving with her quilting as her full-time job keeps her very busy, yet she finds time to relax – thank goodness. Well done Suzanne –

Sept quilt set 021

WENDY’s Beach Huts, apparently whenever they go away they hire a Beach Hut and each of them has a name [what fun] so Wendy has named these after the ones they have stayed in, she is also going to do a larger version I believe as she enjoyed making them so much, well done to Suzanne for designing these particular huts and demonstrating them to the ladies a while back – I have mine yet to do still, oops!

Wendy's Beach Huts


So there it is September meeting over and I am already thinking of October’s, but I do have some things to do before then, at the meeting I was given two Quilts to do for the ladies, Eileen and Margaret H.       Margaret would like hers yesterday…so I am cracking on with that one. I pinned it up ready for quilting today and will start that tomorrow. It is a beauty, as is Eileen’s, but she is not in a rush for hers – phew!

I am posting a few more pictures of the Quilt Suzanne made for MEGAN on her 18th Birthday as I think they are fun –

I love to see the silhouette behind a quilt –Princess Megan's Quilt by Suzanne

Here she is the birthday girl, wrapped up snug and warm in her present – Princess MeganPrincess Megan


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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. maggi21 says:

    The RNLI is certainly doing well! A lovely selection of pieces from your ladies too. Suzanne’s quilt for Megan is lovely but there is no way that she looks 18, bet she has to take ID with her when she goes out for a drink 🙂

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