This I knew was going to be very busy day at my group and it just had to be a sweltering one didn’t it. I flagged all day I am afraid, absolutely no good in this horrid heat we are having right now. I was totally exhausted when I got home, my legs were almost screaming at me to stop whatever I was doing. It is now Monday/Tuesday and they are just beginning to settle down again. But hey-ho you have to get on with it don’t you. So  here you are the lovely eye candy for you from the day. First off here are some pictures of Books and Magazines we had brought to us for sale from Betty’s daughter. These are just a few, there were lots of them. Wonderful books, a lifetime’s collection really…Magazines from BettyBooks from Betty If you remember my friend Betty died earlier this year —

Picture of Betty taken a few years back, resting between sewing and chatting.

Picture of Betty taken a few years back, resting between sewing and chatting.

and her daughter has had the sad task of sorting through all her things, she got in touch with me and I suggested she bring it all to my group and I would do my best to sell what I could, actually Viv decided to stay and I was so pleased as she managed to sell rather a lot of stuff, the ladies got some wonderful bargains I can tell you, myself included. On the day we raised £165 which will be going to RNLI, Betty’s favourite Charity.  Thank you to all the ladies who supported Betty’s daughter in buying the books and magazines, I do appreciate it. There will be more items to follow for sale and I am getting a link soon to send to you so you can peruse the items in your own home, let me know if you are interested then I can link you to Viv.  That is coming soon ladies so watch this space. Suzanne was setting the ladies a small project for the day, she had made a quilt for a friend a while back and called it Dolly’s Huts, so she was getting everyone to have a go at making a Dolly Hut. Lots of the ladies have decided they are going to have a go at the actual quilt which is good for Suzanne as she designed it herself – clever girl – just love this quilt, can’t wait to see what the ladies come up with for theirs. Suzanne's Dolly HutsWhilst this was going on they also had the final part of the three-month project we had been doing, so hopefully come the next meeting – September – I shall have lots of finished STARS quilts. Oh, plus I got everyone to applique a heart onto a square for a small quilt I will assemble and we will then raffle at a later date and the money will go to RNLI in honour of Betty. Yep I am a bit of a slave driver, they love it though!!! First I am sharing pictures of the Birthday fabrics presented to the Birthday Girls for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST – June was a machine day, July was today and we never meet in August so thought they could have an early birthday. I get the ladies to tell us the colour they would like then the others cut a square 12 1/2″ or bigger if they cannot cut straight and the birthday girls get a lovely stash just look at these beauties…











Enjoy the SHOWTIME from the day…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 010 Jill

JILL’s blast from the past, we did this a way back, but hey, at least she has done it now, well done Jill love the colours…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 012 Annette

ANNETTE’s fun hanging, I think we did this too a while back…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 013 Annette

ANNETTE’s — Fuchsia hanging, I keep meaning to make one of these it is gorgeous…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 014 Annette

ANNETTE’s — another blast from the past just so the ladies can see what we have done…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 015 Annette

ANNETTE’s – and another blast from the past…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 017 Annette

ANNETTE’s — I do believe she made a few of these for one reason or another…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 018 Annette

ANNETTE’s — this too I believe she made a few of for people…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 020 Jenny

JENNY’s — a beautiful cushion, actually like those Suffolk puffs now…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 021 Claire

CLAIRE’s — This is the very first thing Claire has finished since joining the Quilt Set, Well done Claire it is beautiful, I really love this…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 022 Sue T

SUE TA went to a Shibori class and made this, isn’t it fabulous, I love love love this Sue

JULY QUILT SET 2014 023 Sue T

SUE TA — yet more Shibori work, just gorgeous…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 026 Bee

BEE’s wonderful Quilt made with scraps, she certainly has a way with all those tiny pieces…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 028 Bee

BEE’s again, this is such fun, you have to click on it to see all the different things on here, so many, it is amazing, great stuff and so original, brilliant BEE

JULY QUILT SET 2014 030 Dee

DEE’s small cot quilt for a baby which has now been born so she has to get cracking on it and finish it to send it off, I think it is off to Italy, not sure now….

JULY QUILT SET 2014 033 Jant Bas

JANET BAS – great idea of how to use those odd squares you are not sure what to do with..front of bag..

JULY QUILT SET 2014 034 Janet Bas

JANET BAS — and the back of it…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 047 Dee

DEE’s fabulous Hobo bag, brilliant and so eye catchingly simple…

JULY QUILT SET 2014 024 Sue T

SUE TA — Gorgeous Dresden Plate cushion and beautifully quilted

The following pictures are still of the SHOWTIME on the day but as these were all from the Amish or not Machine day I had, I have put them all together here for you to see what the ladies achieved with their Amish Quilts….

JULY QUILT SET 2014 009 Janet Bas

JANET BAS – absolutely stunning, love the layout Janet chose for her quilt too

JULY QUILT SET 2014 011 Jill

JILL’s Quilt is so very typical Amish don’t you think, I cannot stress how much I love this one, It is brilliant, well done Jill

JULY QUILT SET 2014 025 Suzanne

SUZANNE’s   stunning Quilt, Suzanne used a Jelly roll or some of the strips from one for her Quilt, it is absolutely amazing and the layout is brilliant, well done

JULY QUILT SET 2014 027 Bee

BEE’s Quilt, we just knew Bee would come up with a stunning plan for her squares she was making on the day and she has not let us down, this is so original, it is of course classed in the ‘or not‘ category, you have to look at this for some time to see the pattern emerge in front of you. Brilliant Bee yet again

JULY QUILT SET 2014 029 Margaret

MARGARET’s Quilt, I didn’t get to see any of Margaret’s squares on the actual day as she was using up lots of bits of strips and patiently stitching them all together to then assemble into the squares, such patience,  turned out really great Margaret

JULY QUILT SET 2014 031 Dee

DEE’s Quilt, yet another beauty from Dee, I love the way the ladies have done their own thing for the layout of their quilts, Brilliant job.

JULY QUILT SET 2014 032 Janet Br

JANET BR chose to stick to the sample layout I took along for them to see, she isn’t actually sure she likes it yet, not sure why I think she made a good job of it and hope she will finish it soon

gail 2

GAIL’s Amish ‘Quilt’, Gail chose to turn hers into a seat pad for her garden bench which I think is a great idea, the ladies at the group didn’t get to see it unfortunately but Gail kindly sent me this picture of it in use, thanks Gail it is great considering I know you do not like plain fabrics at all. Well done.

  I think you will agree with me that this is a really grand effort by all the ladies from the Amish day and the other quilts and hangings from the Showtime part one, well what can I say, I am very lucky to have such talented ladies come to my group.

I have one more Amish item to show you but that is on my other Blog….


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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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4 Responses to MY GROUP DAY JULY 19

  1. searchfamilies says:

    What a great blog, well done to all the ladies for raising so much for RNLI
    The quilts are great beautiful work I love Annette’s Teddy ones are they big i really do love those
    Well done to all who helped to make it a great day for you all & thanks for sharing look forward to the link
    Hugs Janice

  2. Eileen says:

    Looks like I missed a really good day. Looking forward to September will be saving my money.
    Take care

  3. Wow, what a great group display of talent…. I love Suzanne’s Dolly Huts quilt pattern. All the quilts/wallhangings are great. Wish I lived nearer…xxxx

  4. maggi21 says:

    I always enjoy seeing what your ladies produce and this selection is spectacular. I do like those suffolk puff cushions even though I don’t normally like suffolk puffs.

    Congratulations on the money raised for the RNLI, I’m sure that Betty would have been delighted. Interesting to see the Essential Quilter in there, it was one of the first books I bought and I never thought at the time that I would become friends with Barbara. I still have it too.

Thank you for visiting my Blog, I hope you found it interesting and that you will come again in the future. Please feel free to leave a comment I will reply to all. Many thanks. jansmusingagain

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