I consider myself so lucky in the Friends I have. I recently was remarking on the price of Angelina Fibre, how it had gone up rather alarmingly in price. My lovely friend Maggi B saw this and she sent me all her Angelina she had, I have to tell you folks, this was a LOT of AF. Thank you so much Maggi, I shall have great fun using them, I appreciate your kindness in thinking of me. Also for the email you have sent advising me of two other places now to purchase more if I need it. What a STAR you are.

Bit of a panicky moment or two just now when I tried to sign into this Blog, it would not let me in at all, kept saying my password was wrong. HUH? Then I realised I had the Caps lock key on….doh!!!! Panic over.

Annette took me out on Wednesday, yes I know it is Friday now but the computer has been playing me up badly and kept shutting the WWW down. Anyway here now so will crack on with this, we did once again have many laughs on our shopping trip. The best being this….. Went into Matalan, not been in that shop for ages and ages. Which was proved when we got to the paying desk, the girl! said,

”crumbs this is old when did you have this?”

This was the card for the shop she was talking about. I mentioned I hadn’t been for sometime so she said she would make me a new one out there and then – so far so good – then this gem—–

” Ooh what’s that?”

My name

” Oh you have spelt it wrong”  — I kid you not folks—-

Excuse me but why would I spell my own name wrongly?

“Well it looks wrong to me”

I counted to ten – as you do – then said, I assure you that is correct.

“Can you spell it”

Do you want a smack in the mouth? – no of course I didn’t say that felt like it though…..

Well I have a new card for that shop now, name correct and everything, probably be a few more years now before I go back.

I casually mentioned to Annette that maybe I would start acting strangely when out on my wheels as people seem to think if you are in one of these mobility scooters you are supposed to be – not quite perfect shall I say………. Annette said ”No change there then” Gotta laugh, which we did the whole time we were out.

Have to say when I eventually got home, I was totally shattered, think this comes from not going out too much, I fell asleep in the chair. Oh dear! Had a lovely time though, many thanks Annette for taking me out yet again and huge thanks to Clint for use of car.

I finished Claire’s Quilt for her and it is with the Courier now awaiting delivery to her. I do hope she gets it soon, I feel so awful for having had it for a while due to the sewing machine problems. If she gives me her permission I will be putting pictures of it on my other Blog.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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4 Responses to LUCKY ME

  1. searchfamilies says:

    We get people spelling our name wrong or even pronouncing it wrong i won’t go in to what Greg says lol, so you have been a lucky girl then with the gift from Maggie
    People tend to treat people with a disability be it mobility or even hearing as if they are stupid & either talk to someone else as if your not there or at you rather than too you these people are just idiots lol
    Hugs Janice

  2. Diane-crewe says:

    people spell and pronounce my surname wrong ALL the time .. and yes .. they ask me if I have it right!! Hey-Ho! Quilters are a friendly and sharing lot xx.. long may it last x

  3. sheppeylass says:

    Yup, my surname is spelt differently to the usual version. Didn’t really bother me when I first got married as my maiden name wasn’t common either. I had a disagreement with a dental receptionist when she refused to believe the spelling-so asked if she wanted my cheque as the bank obviously had it wrong too? She shut up.
    But I once had an emergancy doctor’s appointment while on holiday. Dr seemed more concerned about spelling my name than the exam, and I had no breath to argue so he put whatever he liked on the forms! Did wonder what my own surgery made of it when they got back to here.
    Enjoy your angelina, Jan! Haven’t used it much but it was fun.

  4. maggi21 says:

    Glad the Angelina has gone to a good home Jan. What a stupid sales person at Matalan. There are times that I wish my name was Smith!!!

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