I have just finished watching a programme all about people and their Mobility Scooters. I have been sitting here getting angry at some of them as it was obvious quite a few of them really did not need one in the first place. Loads and I mean loads of people who have them drive to fast with no care at all for what is going on a round them. Some were doing stupid things too like carrying a carpet across their laps and on the road too with that, one was towing a car!!!! The mind boggles at some of the antics I can tell you.

Then there were the really sad stories, one of a young girl with MS from the age of 22, how sad is that? My heart went out to her, but she was giving the Scooter lessons a try, another lady found out accidentally she was now on palliative care, bless her, she actually made me quite teary, I do hope she is OK. A chap was umming and ahhing just as I did about having one, everything he said I could relate to, in the end he opted to have one, it was very similar to the one I have, and I was happy to see him take to it like a duck to water, he drove it very responsibly and by the end of his shopping day he loved it. As I do mine now.

I would like to say a few things here though about these scooters and their drivers…

  1. I believe everyone who wishes to purchase a scooter should be tested as to whether they really do need one on if they are just buying for the sake of being a pain…
  2. Everyone who has one should have Insurance, I have, hubby did it for me, he said it is like having a car so you should have insurance, not just for others but for my peace of mind too…
  3. I strongly agree with the lady who had got a petition up that everyone who has one of these should go to a centre where they learn how to use it properly…
  4. They should all be made to only go 4 MPH and for pavement usage only, I think it is absolutely ridiculous for the big ones that do 8 MPH to be able to go on main roads, whoever came up with that idea needs their head examining in my view…
  5. It was said on the programme that the drivers need to be aware of pedestrians, I have to say yes of course but it works both ways surely.  When I am on mine I always give way to the pedestrians I do not expect them to get out of my way, but in the same vein I would like to think that when they see me coming they don’t deliberately step in line of my scooter just so they can make an abusive remark, which some folk do. It is not until you are in one you realise how rude some of the public are out there. I would much rather walk about that be in one I can tell you…
  6. I think folk who have a scooter should smile more, I know when I am in mine I am mostly laughing which does me good and people sometimes say things like “good for you smiling and enjoying yourself” what is the point of being miserable, this has made me get about and I enjoy it. Yes there will always be the people who give you abuse or grumble at you, I kind of understand, but coming from a family that had a wheelchair user in it I guess I am more aware of disabilities.
  7. Maybe everyone should have a go at driving a mobility scooter before they start to grumble at folk, see how quickly they respond to when you pull or push the lever/button, then maybe they would give us a little more leeway.
  8. Mine has on the speedo thingy a picture of a tortoise for the slowest speed and – oh I actually cannot think what is the other end I guess it would be a rabbit or something like that, will check tomorrow….. I have never gone past the Tortoise when driving mine in or near shops, never will, no need, it is fast enough on that speed, in fact some folk have a job walking at that speed, so I stop and wait.
  9. All shops should be scooter friendly, ie; make aisles wide enough for them to be able to get around easily so as to avoid accidents, no steps anywhere, lifts that will take the weight and size, staff that are pleasant…you think I am kidding on that one don’t you?? I am not. Lots of times I have had to sit in it outside shops and wait for whoever I am with to do shopping for me inside…WHSmith, Lakeland, Shoe shops take note.
  10. These scooters come with a beeper, I have never used mine, I think that is just plain rude. I feel I am privileged to be able to ride mine out and about and would never ‘beep’ at someone to get out of my way, as I said before I wait, sometimes not patiently it must be said, but I do wait. Funnily enough a chap asked me if mine had a hooter and I beeped the one on mine, it is so quiet we both laughed, he told me to get a Claxton horn…….hmmmmm must be a bloke thing.

There are probably a lot more things that some of you can add to my list above, these are some of my gripes and praises so far about scooter owners and I include myself in them of course. Mine gives me freedom to get about, well it does once it is outside, I am unable to get it outside myself which is a bit of a drawback, but as I said above I did not choose to be in one of these, I would give my right arm to NOT be in one [well maybe not cos I couldn’t do any quilting could I but you know what I mean] .

When it comes down to it I always think to myself there are lots of people out there a lot worse off than me, so quit your grumbling and get on with it girl. Just sometimes I have to rant. I know to a lot of folk I ‘look’ absolutely fine, as though there is nothing wrong with me, but there is and I have to get on with it best I can. OK enough now.

I am looking forward to seeing comments about this post. Whether you agree with these scooters or not, please be truthful say what you feel about them, I have broad shoulders and if I really really don’t like what you say I can always come and beep outside your house and wake you up.

🙂   Keep smiling folks, I hope you never need one yourself.


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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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5 Responses to ME AND MY WHEELS

  1. Diane-crewe says:

    seems its the same as car drivers .. some are responsible and others ARE NOT.. and it seems its the ones who are not who get noticed! I watched one being driven down the main road just yesterday .. holding up all the traffic ..and makeing all those behind get frustrated… the driver was making abusive gestures as other when they managed to get past…makes me wonder if they were a previous car driver .. and this is how the car was driven! My neighbour has one .. and like you does the best to be courteous and NOT cause this kind of problem .

  2. searchfamilies says:

    One problem with pavement use is that in the booklet that came with my husband’s one it says don’t use in wet weather, use on flat ground what with our pavements & sometimes road need to be used just because of the pavements also the other way around
    Also i think if they made the battery to last longer before charging that something that could be longer as if he goes to the shop in the village he says it so uneven & on incline it uses the battery so he has to watch that side of it
    His one looks similar to your one as well
    Hugs Janice

  3. maggi21 says:

    I think that the scooters are a godsend to many who, otherwise, would be housebound. I do agree though that there are those who are responsible and those who are most definitely not. Seems to me that at FOQ they are used as an opportunity to be just plain rude. I’m sorry that you need one but am glad that it gives you back some of your independence. I really do think that there are two kinds of people out there, those who are ignorant and those who are considerate and that applies to whatever mode of travel they are using – including walking!

  4. Noel says:

    There you are old friend….I guess a lot has happened….email me at so we can talk. I see you were on FB but not anymore….:( I just started back posting on my blog but no activity at all….I think I’m wasting my time trying to get it going…I do spend more time on FB!
    Would love to catch up on our lives!!
    You are always in my heart……hugs Noel♥

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