Ha Ha Ha you have to laugh don’t you? If you remember last month the ladies at my group only brought two items I believe it was,  along to the SHOWTIME table, well……after having a few words, here is the result I got this month. WOO HOO. Just shows what they can do if they put their minds to it. It doesn’t matter in the least if we have seen them before, we have new ladies all the time and it is good for them to see what has happened in the past. Also I don’t mind if the item is unfinished, it again can give other folk ideas. Maybe I ought to grumble a bit more often….

No comment.

Following are lots of items from our lovely DEBBIE, she could only stay today until lunch time but managed to bring along three black bin bags full of goodies for us to see so we had an early Showtime of Debbie’s items,  everything is just gorgeous as ever….

Debbie 1Suzanne fell in love with these cat cushions ….

Debbie 2I think I am going to call Debbie the cushion Queen….

Debbie 3 Debbie 4This is a table centerpiece made from Dresden Plate, great idea Debbie….

Debbie 5Where does she find the time to make so many things so quickly too…

Debbie 6This is the monster quilt Debbie brought in last month and I have quilted it for her on my little sewing machine bless it, the quilt measures 103″ x 95 1/2″ —- Phew!! There is more about it on my other blog along with more pictures….

Debbie 7Thank you Debbie for our extra Showtime.

These are the fabrics JILL has received this month – she is in our Birthday Club and was thrilled with all these lovely BLUES…. Our other Birthday girl for the month of May – SYLVIA – was on holiday, she will get hers soon though and I hope to have a photo too….

Birthday - Jill 1This wonderful Quilt was made by EILEEN, a relatively new member of the group, I just love the colours such a change from the usual blues and greens and whatever don’t you think….

Eileen2….and this is the back of the above Quilt, great idea….

Eileen 1another quilt by EILEEN, there is so much movement on this quilt another one I love, thank you for sharing Eileen, I look forward to seeing them finished….

Eileen 3Yet another from EILEEN, apparently this is called the 16oo Quilt –I call it the mile-a-minute-quilt, also known as the Jelly roll quilt race quilt – just love the colours Eileen uses in her quilts….[just thought Debbie has a bit of competition now ha ha ha]

Eileen 4This cushion was made by our IRENE, it is the pattern Suzanne sorted for them in February when I was ill,  it is just gorgeous Irene….

Irene 1This hanging also from the February class also made by our IRENE, you can just see Suzanne peeking through the gap at the top….

Irene 2This little beauty was made by JACKIE, isn’t it fabulous, the ladies are doing a Dresden Plate swap at the moment so it was nice for Jackie to bring this along for them to get some ideas of layout….

JackieSmall runner/hanging made by JANET B, this was one of the blocks I demonstrated at a previous meeting –  great idea Janet B – have to say name this way as we now have FOUR Janet’s at the group….

Janet BYes you may have seen this one before, it is a small quilt made by BRIDGET, SUZANNE and myself we share it for 3 months at a time through the year, it came back at this meeting as it is Suzanne’s turn to have it, we each made three hexagon florets and appliqued them to a black background, then Bridget did ‘her thing’ with it, and it is just FANTASTIC….

Janet Bridget SuzI feel I want a FANFARE as the next TWO items have been made by JOYCE. Now she will not mind me saying she does struggle with the sewing but here you see she does eventually surprise us now and then, well done Joyce, that Star is brilliant….

Joyce 1Plus, you totally surprised me with this small hanging, I am so pleased you stuck with it and got it completed, even with its cute little hanger – great idea there JOYCE – well done again….

Joyce 2These cushions were made by MARGARET, who is another very prolific quilter, she does a lot for the Church with regard to her sewing, she told me these were all made from a bag of fabric she won at our Christmas meeting, well done Margaret, they look great, also you have used some of your beautiful buttons in the centres again I see….

MargaretMore cushions this time from MAUREEN, —yes they are the pattern Suzanne set again, it was a very popular pattern, I have yet to do mine — These are great Maureen, I love the slightly different backgrounds to each of them….

Maureen 1This beautiful delicate colouring Quilt was also made by MAUREEN, she wasn’t sure of the colours she used but I think it gives it an almost ethereal look, I love it, I hope Maureen you will too in time, made from project we did last year I think or maybe the year before!!….

Maureen 2I am sitting here laughing as the next two items are by SUZANNE, [she is my daughter of course] she told me after me ‘having a go’ at the last meeting, she thought she had better bring something along this time, even though they have been before – Well done Suzanne you made your old mum very happy, this was the quilt she made at my last machine class Curvaceous Curves, she called it Johnson’s Double Bubbles, great name….

Suz 1This is also SUZANNE’s she made this for a friend and it was shown at the Festival of Quilts a few years back.  I remember when she took me to it I got so excited, I was telling everyone that is was made by  my daughter, no-one got by me without me telling them – ha ha ha much to Suzanne’s embarrassment of course, that is what mums are for though hee hee, it is of course Cats, what else would she do? Totally Cat mad she is….

Suz 2

So there we are, a wonderful Showtime for you to see, all done by the clever ladies at my group. Well done to all of them, I look forward to seeing more next time, which will be July as I am ‘stealing’ the June meeting for another machine Class, I am doing an Amish Day this time for them, looking forward to it, I love my machine days.

Thank you for looking I do hope you enjoyed the eye candy this time.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. Tina says:

    Wonderful show and tell.

  2. Diane-crewe says:

    seems like they listened xx

  3. searchfamilies says:

    What beautiful work the ladies have done you proud as coming to your quilting group helps those who need it & give inspiration to others & a good friendly place to meet
    Hugs Janice

  4. maggi21 says:

    What a great selection of work. Well done for all your guidance and inspiration.

  5. Carol B says:

    Your ladies have done some beautiful work, what a great group you have, wish I lived close enough to attend. Well done to all.

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