I have had the most awful day today. On Tuesday I posted a large package to my friend Tessa in Cumbria, inside was a small quilt she had won on a give away, a few of my UFO’s I no longer wish to complete, 52  patchwork blocks of various sizes and colours and her most recent quilt she had sent me for quilting. I put that in as I had finished it but did not tell her it was inside, I wanted it to be a surprise when she opened the package. As I said, I posted this on Tuesday FIRST CLASS, cost just under £16.00, they told me it would get there the next day….didn’t arrive Wednesday, and it hasn’t arrived today either. I have to admit to breaking down and ringing my friend Di who told me not to worry, but I do, how will I replace Tessa’s quilt it was a one off, blocks made for her from friends on a forum she is on. I am angry and upset. I rang the post office and they are stunned it has not arrived !!! I have to wait 28 days before I can do anything about it. WHY? Surely that is giving the loss more time to go further away if you see what I mean. I feel sick this has happened, Tessa texted me most of the day saying not to worry, but until that has arrived in Tessa’s hands I will worry. I am not fussed about the stuff of mine I have sent her, it is the loss of her quilt that upsets me.2 Christmas paper piece 32sq23. tulips 50x5212. star sampler 64sq

They are pictures of the UFO’s, there was another one but I don’t have a picture of it  plus all the blocks and Tessa’s beautiful Quilt which I cannot put pictures of on here for now. Please please please let this package arrive tomorrow.

Royal Mail you are a total disgrace.

Then this afternoon Rebecca came home from school. She had her assessment for her cooking skills this morning. She made, Sausage Rolls, Mini Quiche’s, mini Pizza’s and a Lemon and Lime Cheesecake. When she went at the end of the day to pick them all up to bring them home, someone had eaten all bar two of the sausage rolls. I am naming her school as it makes me sick that someone could do this.

Weston Favell Academy in Northampton.

I am just so disgusted with this, again it is THEFT.

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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. M says:

    OMG Jan….I know how stressful the waiting can be……….I’ve had the same happen when sending parcels to my daughter in Suffolk and her sending to me but the post office are no help. The 2 parcels at Christmas were on next day delivery sent a week before Christmas and did not arrive until Christmas Eve afternoon…..that was a very long and stressful time for us and it cost my son £25 for the 2 parcels. I was so angry but they don’t respond other than ‘give it 28 days…………..’
    But I understand the stress with the parcel containing Tessa’s quilt……….I hope it arrives soon so you can all relax. More than ever, I will only use tracked courier to send my big items. The PO service is a rubbish service.
    M xxx

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Janet, When my sister married a soldier she lived in Northern Ireland, Paige was only a baby and for her first birthday I bought her a Liiverpool kit and popped it in the post first class. It never arrived and I manage to claim back the cost of the kit £25.00. However, six months later the packge was delivered we don’t know why or where it had been needless to say the Liverpool kit no longer fitted her as she had grown. I pray that your parcel with your friends quilt in it turns up sooner than six months but that it does turn up eventually. It seems quite strange that post still goes missing. I ordered a CD from amazon it was dispatched over a week ago first class and still no sign I can not do anything till the end date of estimated time of delivery which is 20th May. Thinking of you my lovely xxx

  3. Diane-crewe says:

    I know how you feel .. we put our treasured possessions into the care of the Post Office.. pay a substantial amount .. and off it goes! I am sure if it belonged to a member of the PO it would turn up ASAP x fingers crossed x wont say “don’t worry because clearly you are xx Your daughters school should shame the person responsible in a public assembly

  4. searchfamilies says:

    So sorry that the package is taking so long even when it arrives i would write a letter of complaint as they are charging for a 1st class service & not giving it, i have stopped using the post office for items within the UK i use MyHermes parcel service i not only have it tracked i can see when it delivered plus it cheaper for small items i still have to use the post office if it like large letter size
    With Rebecca i would tell the school they should pay for the items as it was theft on their property makes me wonder what goes on in our schools these days
    by the way the work is great that you done
    Hugs Janice

  5. Maggi says:

    Oh Jan, you must be feeling so devastated about the possible loss of Tessa’s quilt. I an only hope that it does turn up. I sent a parcel to a friend in America a couple of Christmases ago and because it seemed like it had gone AWOL I sent her another. The first one arrived two months later! So there is still hope for yours.

    Truly disgusting about Rebecca’s cookery. There is absolutely no excuse for leaving a student’s work accessible to others.

  6. The post was so slow last week, I think it was because of the various bank holidays. Still worrying though.

  7. I have emailed everyone, thank you all so much for the comments on this and Gaynor I had not thought of that at all, but if they cannot offer the service even at Bank Holiday times, they should as they say get out of the kitchen…..Good to hear from you,

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