Once again SewCalGal started us off on another journey of FMQ, she managed to get some wonderful teachers to give us yet more challenges through the year with the view to improving our own FMQ and to win prizes. I am always up for improving my FMQ so had to give these a go. Following are the challenges set for the year by the various teachers, just below that is a link where you can go to my original post if you click on it and see what I did, I have put a picture on here just to remind you and myself of what I did. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed doing these challenges, it was touch and go whether I would get them done, hubby said I was too busy chasing other people up [being bossy again] to get theirs done and forgot all about my own, funnily enough I completely forgot one – the last one – I think I misread the information and didn’t do it, so these past two days I have been frantically sewing to get it all done. Lesson learned, read instructions more carefully!!

2013 FMQ Challenge #1 – Threadplay with Libby Lehman

Libby Lehman Challenge on SewCalGal site for 2013 -

Libby Lehman Challenge  2013 – I thoroughly enjoyed doing this challenge, it took a long while as there is very intensive sewing on it, but in honour of Libby Lehman I was determined to finish it. Thank you Libby for showing us how to do this fascinating method of FMQ.

2013 FMQ Challenge #2 – AAQI Piece

The information that went with this challenge was —(Deadline to enter is August lst, whereas all others are October 31st.  This deadline is required as your FMQ piece will be sold at IQF Houston to help raise funds to fight Alzheimers) — I have checked on a regular basis and see this piece of mine is still not sold…oh dear.

Front of piece

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this small piece, I used the method by Geta for the letters as I wanted them to stand out from the quilting all around, which is clear in places and not others. Thank you to AAQI for the opportunity of having a piece to sell for your wonderful work.

2013 FMQ Challenge #3 – Feathers, by Joanne of Thread Head

FMQ Challenge 2013 001

My favourite piece of the many I made, if you click on the link you will see the other pieces I made for this challenge, I loved doing all of them and trying the different ways of doing feather work. Thank you Joanne for some inspiring samples you gave us, loved them.

2013 FMQ Challenge #4 – FMQ Postcard Swap

Ha ha this is me folks. I am not famous like the other ladies in the Challenge, just a housewife like you but I absolutely love making Fabric Postcards, when  SewCalGal asked if I would be willing to do this challenge, I was so proud to have been asked. Thank you so much. Please click on the link and it will take you to lots of postcards made for the challenge and since last years challenge throughout my Blog. I set up a swap group on Facebook and we swap Postcards each month. Great fun.





challenge - borders 036

Postcard 6″ x 4″ This postcard was made from scraps left over after trimming some folders I was making, waste not want not I say!!

hosted by Janet McElroy

2013 FMQ Challenge #5 – It’s All About Borders, with Patsy Thompson

 The link above will take you to ALL the challenges I did last year, if you scroll down a long way – there were a lot of challenges, you will come across the one I did with Patsy Thompson.


I finished this particular piece last night 30th October, talk about pushing my luck!! We had to do something using 7-8 borders with FMQ in each, showing how we had improved our quilting since last year. We were not to use exactly the same patterns as Patsy showed us before, we had to do a few but the rest were to be new to us. I have called this piece ‘A Rose at Midnight’ hope you can see why…. I also hope you can see the small amount of glitter thread I used in various places. I loved doing this, it gave me a chance to play at FMQ. Thank you Patsy for a fabulous challenge once again.

Not sure how many we are allowed to put up for this challenge, but this one is so you can see the quilting on 'the rose' as it doesn't show well on the big picture...

Not sure how many we are allowed to put up for this challenge, but this one is so you can see the quilting on ‘the rose’ as it doesn’t show well on the big picture…

Back of ''Rose at Midnight''

Back of ”Rose at Midnight”

2013 FMQ Challenge #6 – 2012 FMQ Challenge 2nd Chance.

No link as this is the piece I got totally muddled on as I had misread the information, I still am not sure if I have done right but hey-ho not to worry any excuse to do yet more F<Q I say. This was finished this morning at 11:30 am, I was in total panic folks but so determined to get it done , I thoroughly enjoyed doing this piece, as I read the instructions – yet again – I assumed we were to make a piece using FMQ but doing our own thing but showing how our FMQ had improved since we started last year 2012. I hope when you have finished looking at all these pieces of work you will agree with me when I say I feel I have improved 100 fold.

Permission to play - front

I have called this piece ”Permission to play” – this is the front.

Back of ''Permission to play''

Back of ”Permission to play”

Thank you to everyone for all these amazing challenges I would never have dreamed I could do such work, special thanks to SewCalGal, without her none of this would have happened.   Hubby is now amazed at what I can do with FMQ and on that note I best finish.

All work done on my beloved Bernina, it has worked hard this past few days...

All work done on my beloved Bernina, it has worked hard this past few days…


Good luck to everyone who has entered these Challenges to win some fabulous prizes. Read all about those here….

About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. Wow, your quilting is SO impressive and you put such an enormous effort into each and every challenge. It’s breathtaking to see it all together in one place, isn’t it? Quite an accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Tina Gilley says:

    Wonderful, Beautiful Work . SewCalGal Challenge Is The best Thing That Happened To Improve Mine And A Lot Of Other Quilters.

    • Well said Tina, she is as we say here across the Pond – the best thing since sliced bread – seriously I feel so lucky to have found SewCalGal last year, and for all the brilliant Insights she has given us for the past two years, well what more could anyone want? I feel so privileged to be part of this and through it I have met many wonderful people yourself included.

  3. WOW!!! You have outdone yourself!!! Your work is incredible!!! I am so thrilled to see everything you have accomplished. What an amazing couple of years it’s been for us. I am so happy to be a part of your life and everyone else’s in our group. How lucky we were to find SewCal Gal and each other!!! Truly and blessing!!!

    • Hi Martha, It certainly has been a fabulous two years. We were indeed very lucky to find SewCalGal, long may she keep us going. Your work is fabulous Martha, you very quietly post a piece up and it is always stunning. Thank you for your kind comments. Keep quilting…

  4. Maggi says:

    Jan, your work is just stunning. It was always good but has just got better. I particularly like Permission to Play and Rose at Midnight.

  5. Kerstin says:

    wow, outstanding great. love it .

  6. Raewyn says:

    Well done on getting them all completed!!! It is really good to see all your samples… your quilting is beautiful. This has been a really good two years of challenges hasn’t it?

    • Hi Raewyn,
      thank you for comments, always good to receive especially when they are nice!! ha ha ha I have linked to your blog now so will pop in on you now and then. Yes you are right, it was an amazing two years. I loved every minute of it…well almost!!!! So much work for SewCalGal, she is truly amazing I think. I wonder we will get next–if anything….

  7. Congrats on winning in the borders challenge!!! I hope we are all able to keep in contact in continue sharing!!! I think of you and the others as friends :^)

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