Saturday was the day I had my ‘Curvaceous Curves Machine Class’ with some of the ladies from my group. Should have had 18 but due to illness and one thing or another it got down to just ten.   I was unsure I would make it myself as I was in a lot of pain, but I had to go didn’t I?

This was the quilt they were to have a go at, not to copy directly of course, but to put their own spin on it…

Curvaceous curves quilt finished

Curvaceous curves quilt finished

b] close up 1

...close up

…close up, just to show different quilting patterns

..close up 2.

..more patterns…

...close up 3

…close up of border

...a corner

showing the corner treatment…

...another corner

…another corner, I loved quilting this quilt, it was all done free hand, great fun…

the back

the back, I think I have used this backing fabric a lot of late, sadly I do believe I have no more left..boohoo….

close up of back

…close up of back.   As I loved this quilt so much and had made it with some pretty naff fabrics, I wanted to do it again so this is the reason I set up a machine class for others to have a go too….

I showed the ladies the above quilt so they could get some idea what it would look like at the end, [they know to ignore my quilting now, they just have to look at the quilt.]    Then I demonstrated what they had to do………  there was a classic moment when I looked up and each face was kind of expressing – ”I’m going home now I can’t do this”                    I cut them all two squares each of my own fabrics so they could practice on those and not waste their own. After much huffing and puffing they all gave it their best shot and woohoo just look at what they did on the day. I am so pleased and proud of these ladies and what made it especially great for me was that each of them loved the method I showed them. They were all stunned how easy curves really are which was great, it meant I had taught it right!!    I had come up with another pattern for their 10″ squares ‘just in case’ but it really was not needed,  they spent the day with their curves.    Mind you I did demonstrate the cutting of the other quilt block for them so they can do it in their own time.  I do like people thinking they have had their monies worth.

A bonus for me was when my daughter Suzanne who also took the class came up with an alternative way for the curves to go on the blocks, there are no photo’s on here of hers at the moment, she wants to perfect her idea first. Looked great to me what she had done and we called it ‘Johnson’s Bubbles’,  I am looking forward to seeing what she finally comes up with.     Suzanne and Jill sat together for the day and there was a lot of giggling coming from that table so I expect we shall have a surprise with Jill’s quilt too when it all goes together.

Meantime just look at these….


Bridget’s —– I just know Bridget will alter hers and come up with something fantastic, she has fabulous ideas…

Machine Class October 2013 Bridget 2Machine Class October 2013 Bridget 3


Dee’s —– the fabrics Dee used were absolutely gorgeous, there is a Batik in there she picked up for just £3 yard, lucky lucky girl….

Machine Class October 2013 Dee 2 Machine Class October 2013 Dee 3


Gail’s —– Gail is like me she has made hers lovely and bright and cheerful….

Machine Class October 2013 Gail 2


Claire’s —– young Claire struggles such a lot with her patchwork due to being left-handed, but just look at this, she did great and managed to get 24 blocks done but not assembled to the quilt, well done Claire….

Machine Class October 2013 Jenny's

Jenny’s —– Jenny is Claire’s mum, it is lovely to hear them chattering and disagreeing – ha ha – with each other, each has quite a strong notion of what they wish to do and will not alter, good for both of them I say, great choice of fabrics here Jenny….


Jill’s —– Jill’s son had just decorated her bedroom in these colours and so she decided she would make her quilt with them, all we kept hearing was ‘it’s boring’  NO Jill it is NOT boring it is very delicate colouring and with the idea Suzanne came up with for you it is going to be fantastic…


Maureen’s —– Maureen was very sceptical about this class but gave it her best shot and I think when you see her finished top, bit further down you will agree the girl did good. I think she is going to continue making blocks to make it a bigger quilt….

Machine Class October 2013 Maureen 2

Machine Class October 2013 Maureen's

I believe this is Rosemary's

Rosemary’s —– fabulous colouring Rosemary, this is going to be just gorgeous when finished, please do finish it, don’t cast it aside….

I believe this is Sue's

Margaret’s —– How dramatic is this colourway, I wish we had taken more pictures, I would love to see how these blocks all             re-acted with each other….Bet Margaret makes more than one quilt, she is a very prolific quilter, does a lot for Charities and the Church I believe…

I believe this is Margaret's

Sue’s —– this is going to be super, it has already got a very gentle feel to it through the colours chosen…

Sunglasses on - this is mine

Sunglasses on – this is mine —– I wanted ‘bright’ think I got it do you?  I just have the border to sort for this then on to my favourite bit – the quilting.

Thank you once again to all the ladies for a super day I hope we can all do it again soon.



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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. Maggi says:

    I’m glad they all got to grips with it as they have produced some great results. What a nice touch to give them something to practice on too. Look forward to seeing Suzanne’s variation.

  2. hoppiquilts says:

    Wow, Jan, your quilting is fabulous. I just love all the ladies own renditions of the top! Every one is beautiful!

  3. hoppiquilts says:

    Hmph I tried to comment but it somehow was deleted. I was saying that I love everyones renditions of the top. Every one is beautiful! Also your fmq is fabulous!

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