I am wondering if someone out there has put a hex on me. It seems whenever I try to do something or buy something it goes wrong. I have bought a new sewing machine  –



and hey ho, story of my life, it will not conform. I have had it a week and it keeps throwing stuff at me that goes wrong. This has happened to me before a long while back, that was a Janome and I got what I deserved in that case, ended up giving the darn thing to daughter ……

This is a Bernina though!

Why me I ask. I have enough crap going on in my life without a stupid sewing machine stopping me doing what I love.  I tell you folks it nearly went through the window tonight. Even hubby got quite cross at it, so it’s not just me imagining it, lots of tears cos I don’t understand why I get all this crap.  I just want someone to explain why these things happen to me.

OK it wasn’t overly expensive, but it was a lot of money for me to pay out, I worked hard for that money so don’t want it wasted.

Ringing the chappie tomorrow who I bought it from to see why it is doing what it is and how I hope, I can fix it. All I want to do is quilt, that surely is not too much to ask is it?


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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8 Responses to FED UP – BIG TIME

  1. Diane-crewe says:

    doesnt matter if it was the cheapest ever.. it should sew and do what is asked of it x deep breath .. talk to the man who sold it to you .. get a new one (replacement) if necessary…. then throw this one through HIS window .. AHHHH! much better x

  2. Janice Aitkens says:

    So sorry you are having so much trouble, don’t forget your rights so if need be ask for a replacement also if you can have a demo/instructions with it hope you get this all sorted to your satisfaction
    Hugs Janice

  3. Maggi says:

    Even the cheaper Bernina’s are expensive Jan so you have every right to be angry. I do remember the day when some Fords were known as Friday cars because they were always going wrong. Everyone was in a hurry to get off work early on Fridays. maybe you have a Friday Bernina. If is can’t be fixed you must demand a refund or a replacement, after all you are hardly a novice with a sewing machine.

  4. Carol B says:

    It is no consolation but it isn’t just you these things happen too. I hope that the man who sold the machine to you can sort it out quickly and easily, otherwise throw it back at him and demand your money back! I am taking deep breathes for you, sending calming thoughts, and hoping it is sorted asap so you can enjoy sewing again.
    Love Carol x

  5. Rich says:

    Don’t bother with a Bernina ….. buy a Yamaha and come trackdayin’ with me!!! xx

    • ha ha ha good one Richard, the way I am feeling about this particular machine your idea sounds better and better all the time. Trouble is I couldn’t do all that standing around and I wouldn’t see you whiz by cos of my neck…hee hee the old girl is wearing out fast.

  6. TheaM says:

    I once had a ‘top of the line’ machine with what I called a ‘psycho’ disorder…. it would just start doing the craziest stuff in the middle of my work… the dealer was baffled, since it behaved so well for HIM!!!! then I took a class in his store – and right in the middle of my project it happened! I told the teacher to run to get HIM to see what it was doing – he stared in disbelief – long story of many attempts to repair later…. but I got a brand new machine in the end, because they couldn’t figure out the problem. Sometimes those computerized machines have bad ‘mother boards’ or ‘chips’… It took a while, but the replacement machine is still running strong.

  7. Thank you everyone I have replied to you all by email, I do appreciate your comments and am keeping them in mind for when we eventually get to take the machine back.. I will let you all know what happens [ed] jan

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