I had a go at McTavishing after buying two of her books, quite pleased with first attempt, this is the front….1.McTavishing trial front and this is the back….2. McTavishing trial back I test ran a bag pattern for Geta, she is so clever with everything she does, I feel very privileged to do this for her….1.Geta's design 2.  Geta's design - back Annette has ‘snaffled’ this bag…..3. Geta's design - inside This was a quilt made from blocks sent to me by four members of the PP forum, I assembled and quilted the quilt then it was put on JUST GIVING to raise money for H4H, it was just for the PP members to buy tickets as it was decided one of them should win it,PP forum quilt for H4H this is the back view – it raised £273 for the H4H fund. Well done girls. Thank you.Back A very kind lady from LOVE QUILTS sends Rebecca her ‘scrap’ pieces of AIDA cloth, just look at all this lot, many thanks Joanne, much appreciated, gift is on its way to you….from Joanne Postcard received from Cate in US, but just look what the eejits did in the post office….1.Why did they do that there was actually plenty of room on the back for it as I managed to peel it off and place it there so that….2. Plenty of room on back You can all see the FULL beauty of the postcard, thank you Cate….3. FMQ April Postcard from Cate and this one is from Heather, a Newby who joined the Postcard swap recently, great postcard Heather thank you, well done….4.FMQ April  Postcard from Heather and yet another postcard, this time from a lovely lady – Carol B – it is just a friendship postcard, no reason other than that, thank you Carol 🙂 ….Postcard from Carol B can anyone guess what this is?????Whats this Barbara from my group has sent me a whole load of felt flowers she has cut out using her Sizzix machine, thank you Barbara I will pay you on Saturday….Felt flowers from Barbara Gail has sent me this picture of her quilt which she has finally finished. I taught this sample quilt many years ago at Poppy Patch, thank you Gail for showing it to me….Gail's Clint went to Bratislava recently with a load of his mates, someones big birthday, he bought me this spoon !!!!! is he trying to tell me something do you think????Spoon from Clint via Bratislava This is a picture of SUZANNE’s motorbike, people kept seeing piks of Richards and were asking if Suzanne was jealous, well no she isn’t as she has her own….Suzanne's bike

Hope you enjoyed all these piks folks, I am trying to catch up with my Blog, I keep forgetting to do it…..oops…..sorry….shocking!!!!!


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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12 Responses to MIX AND MATCH {ALLSORTS}

  1. Joan says:

    Great Post Jan – enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Caz says:

    I love that bag pattern of Geta’s. I saw it on her blog. Lucky Annette! Nice pc’s from your friends.

    • Hi Caz, it was fun to make, she does design wonderful things which I am lucky enough to sometimes test for her. I have a few quilts here I did of hers waiting to be quilted I must get them done. The postcards are gorgeous they are getting better abd better if that is possible. A truly wonderful group of ladies.

  3. Maggi says:

    Lovely post, full of gorgeous pieces. Definitely your hair!

  4. TheaM says:

    you are blogging way more often than I am – nice bag pattern, btw, and lots of cute pics!
    my son also got a motorcycle recently! we have another thing in common….

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