I really don’t know how I manage to get so far behind these days!!! Well I do, but I am not telling you why…hahaha

I am catching up slowly but very very surely. These are pictures taken at my group on 20 March. It snowed that day on top of the snow we already had, I left it too late to cancel, so Suzanne and I bravely ventured out in the cold cold snow to await the arrival of anyone daft as us to come to the meeting.  I told Suzanne not to set out many tables and no chairs until we saw if anyone came….so while we waited, she went out into the snow and played……She did a huge whirligig pattern with her feet….

1.QS.3.2013 SNOW and Suzanne When she got to the middle she side-stepped out so as not to spoil the design…2.QS.3.2013 Suz swirl in snow So here we are, an empty hall…3.QS.3.2013 No one here Suzanne got her sewing out regardless, can you see the face????4.QS.3.2013 Sewing alone Where is everybody??? I went off to get out some cups to have a cuppa…5.QS.3.2013 Where is everybody But just look at this….Way to go Ladies, what a great bunch they are. These are the fools err ladies who braved the cold and snow to come to the meeting…To show my appreciation of them turning up I gave them a good discount on their entry fee, told them it was a one-off though!!! They deserved it…6.QS.3.2013 Hello everyone These are the two ‘extra’ blocks they will be making today along with the Project we have lined up for the next few months, I like to keep them busy you know…7.QS.2013 Block 'a' 8.QS.2013 Block 'b' Here are two of my new ladies who joined today – I had five in total – none of the newbies had done patchwork before and that is just how I like it, no-one else has been showing them different to the way I work, you would not believe how some so-called ‘name’ teachers show folk how to do patchwork, beggars belief really…Anyway Tilly is holding up her very first square she made today, she was so excited, she grinned from ear to ear, it was a definite Kodak moment, well done Tilly, I told her she has to do seven more just like that, and do you know what, she got three others done in the day…9.QS.3.2013 Tilly's very first patchwork square and here they are…10.QS.3.2013 Tilly's blocks these are Jenny’s first blocks, she was sat next to Tilly in the photo above… well done to you too Jenny.11.QS.3.2013 Jenny's blocks SHOWTIME at the QUILT SET

Debbie’s cushion a paper foundation pieced pattern…12.QS.3.2013 Debbie's cushion Debbie’s Baltimore style cushion – we did these last year…13.QS.3.2013 Debbie's Baltimore Debbie’s teapot hanging…14.QS.3.2013 Debbie's Teapot hanging and coasters….15.QS.3.2013 Debbie's Coasters Debbie’s folder from the previous months class, the outside view…16.QS.3.2013 Debbie's folder outer and the inside….17.QS.3.2013 Debbie's folder inside a Playmat by Debbie for her Sister to donate to a charity…18.QS.3.2013 Debbie's playmatDebbie’s finished project from last year, well done Debs…. 19.QS.3.2013 Debbie's project from last yearIrene’s Baltimore style cushion – from previous class last year…20.QS.3.2013 Irene's Baltimore Dee’s Folder from last class and I think the one next to it belonged to Alison….21.QS.3.2013 Dee's folder left Janet’s folder, not me, a new lady, they really liked these folders….22.QS.3.2013 Janet's folder Alison’s tote, one of my new ladies who as you can see is not new to patchwork, she was an absolute star that day, she helped me with the new ladies at her table, she is also the one I have to thank for introduing all the new ladies, Great job Alison…23.QS.3.2013 Alison's tote because just look at this fabulous ruler and mat bag she made…24.QS.3.2013 Alison's bag for rulers board etc Margaret with some HST cushions…25.QS.3.2013 Margaret's cushions Di brought along the quilt I made her, you will have seen this on a previous page on here…26.QS.3.2013 Di's from Jan Di also brought this beautiful quilt along, made for her by her Aussie friends, when they heard about Jeff, they all made a heart and signed the square and someone made it into this quilt, what a  wonderful idea…27.QS.3.2103 Di's from Australia

I took along some stuff I had finished since the previous meeting just to prove I do actually get something done in between the meetings….

Folder front…1. Folder outer folder inside…2. Folder inner folder front, this was made from one of my FMQ samples from SewCalGal’s site….3. FMQ folder outer and the inside….4. FMQ folder inner another folder front…5. Dancing folder outer and it’s inside….6. Dancing folder inner aha, no not a folder this time, this is a clutch bag, made from strips of voiles…7. Voile clutch bag closed the inside view….8. Voile clutch bag open small bag made from my Sashiko sample from PP challenge…10. Sashiko bag another small bag made from my Threadplay sample from SewCalGal’s site….11. Threadplay bag back of the bag….13. Threadplay bag back another bag, but bigger, also made from FMQ sample from SewCalGal’s site….14. FMQ large tote front and another,  same as before FMQ sample turned into something useful….17. FMQ blue star tote outside these are Fabric Postcards made from those little triangles that get cut off and thrown away – I hate waste, so made these, actually I made quite a few but let the new ladies at my group choose one each, just because….20. Postcards made from throw away triangles

 I hope you enjoyed the show folks. The Ladies did me proud considering the dreadful weather, I really appreciated them turning up, makes it all worthwhile. 🙂 Next meeting is not til May, seems a long long way away at the moment.



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Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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7 Responses to OOPS THIS WAS 20 MARCH

  1. Diane-crewe says:

    AHH! Women… and quilting women esp are a hardy breed! Glad you had a good session.. and they deserve their discount I would say xx

    • It turned into a really great day in the end, and yes they did deserve the discount. I just didn’t pay myself for that day to make the accounts right. All’s well that ends well, I enjoyed the day and felt that was my payment.

  2. Janice Aitkens says:

    Lovely work done by the ladies as usual, yes it was bad but it surprising how many will brave the weather when it for something we love makes you wonder how many would if it was for work lol
    Hugs Janice

  3. Caz says:

    Nice that the Ladies turned up for you!!! Lovely work by all….. particularly your Folder with the gold fabric and the fmq!!

  4. Maggi says:

    Fabulous show and tell and what a tribute to you that so many turned up, especially newbies. I wouldn’t have turned out in those conditions!

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