These are probably going to be the last pictures I shall be putting on here of swaps I have done for the PP Mag forum. Reason = I have left that forum now but I do hope to keep in touch with some of the ladies who have been very supportive of me over the years I have been on there. I feel quite proud of myself for all the things I managed to set up on the forum and to this day are still continuing albeit now run by other ladies……………….. Postcard swaps, ATC swaps, FoQ swaps, Christmas swaps, Charity Quilts, Bookmark swaps, Birthday swaps, Secret partner swaps, Zapping UFOs, Fabric swaps, Bag swaps, as you can see quite a few things. I am really pleased some of these are carrying on. I hope they will for many a year as there will always be new ladies joining the forum.

I also managed to Quilt a few quilts for the ladies, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, maybe some will still require their quilts to be done and if that is the case I do hope they will get in touch with me.

So quite a big chunk of my life has now changed as I used to spend many hours doing bits and bobs for the forum. I was made a Moderator – one of three -on the forum – which I hope Katy has now removed from my status as I requested before Christmas – hopefully someone else will join Tessa and Rosemary in doing it instead of me. I took that title very seriously, maybe to some folks eyes too seriously but heyho that is me. When I get something in my head I take it in full-on and throw myself into whatever.

Here then for you to view are pictures of stuff I have done since December for the forum, clearing swaps I am still in, some stuff is not here as I didn’t take photo’s of everything, but to date, I AM right up-to-date with the swaps for the forum as far as I know. I do believe there may be one more friendship block to do but haven’t heard from Katy so maybe I am wrong.

In case you are wondering why I have left this forum…hmmmm…Knitting….is the reason. I posted that I didn’t feel Knitting was the right thing to be on there as it was actually a Patchwork and Quilting site for a P & Q Magazine, so me being me, I spouted off  as is my want, peeps took offence and I got some ‘funny’ messages, I was told I had actually scared some people!!!!  I decided it was time for me to go. Just for the record I have nothing against knitting or knitters, just don’t want it on a P & Q site that’s all. Lots of my friends are knitters and that is great but heyho I spoke my mind – oops – and once again seemed to have managed to put my foot well and truly in it.

Anyway that is now all in the past and I have moved on as they say. The above tells you I was a very active member of that forum, bossy to the ‘nth’ degree but I got them doing stuff they had never thought of before and now just do stuff, plus there are an awful lot of UFO’s that have been zapped now. 🙂  Keep zapping your UFO quilts girls, for yourselves if not for me!

Here we go then, Friendship blocks – Marian requested Matrioska dolls but Japanese, these are the fabrics I chose to use for them, my best Oriental fabrics…

What are these for8″  Quilty swap – for Laura in USA this is the back –FMQ Quilty swap for Laura - back and this is the front…FMQ Quilty swap for Laura - front the Matrioska dolls for Marian, I decided to do a set of eight… TO SORT 002 TO SORT 003 TO SORT 004 TO SORT 005 this was a bag I made for Mal I think –  she had sent me the maple leaf block for something we were doing but it was the wrong fabric so I offered to make her something with the block so as not to waste it – hence the bag…RAK for Mal inside RAK for Mal front RAK for Mal back yet another friendship block for someone on the forum…PP SWAPS 001 this one I know was for Katy, I wonder what the quilt looked like when done, one of the ladies organising this swap designed this block herself, well done Alison…PP SWAPS 002 and another friendship block for someone…Friendship block swap for Reenie there had to be a Postcard in here didn’t there? This was for Irene in the Trip Around the World Postcard swap Di and myself set up, which Katy now runs, this depicts France, can you work out the pairings? Irene did bar one…TOTW FRANCE for Oh, now this was a tutorial I did for the forum. We had all made a quilt for Tessa who got married last year and I made her a bag with the scraps left over, some of the ladies said they would like to know how to make a bag like it, so I did this tutorial, if you hover over the pictures it will tell you what to do, these are the fabrics I used for it. When it was done I sent it to one of the ladies on the forum as a gift…Bag 1 - five fat qtrs Bag 2 - make four blocks, your choice and size for front and back Bag 3 - add borcer to each set of four Bag 4 - add wide strips either SIDE of each set of four and a wide piece to one other edge Bag 5 - do same to other set of four Bag 6 - join the two pieces to make one large long piece 7 - cut a lining slightly bigger than the patched piece and quilt if desired Bag 7a - add a pocket at this stage if required or pockets Bag 8 - quilt front piece of bag as required just put the wadding behind and quilt, lay the lining and top out one on top of other and trim to same size Bag 9 - cut out handles  I place a piece of wadding in centre fold raw edge in then the folded edge and topstitch there is no picture No.10, I got lost in my numbering hahahahaBag 11 - sew side seams together on front and lining then box the corners Bag 12 - you need where I am pointing to come together to make a triangle Bag 13 - like this depending how much of a box you want the bag to be is the size of triangle you sew Bag 14 - cut yourself a piece of paper as a guide so all corners are the same Bag 15 - sew across several times for strength Bag 15a - voila,  boxed corners, now do lining to match Bag 16 - 'Vincent' those ears Bag 17 - handle placement then place outer bag inside lining RST Bag 18 - push bag right inside so it lays flat at the bottom Bag 19 - pin round top of nag leaving a large enough gap to be able to turn whole thing through when sewn Bag 20 - here is the gap I left Bag 21 - pull bag through, push the corners nice and tidy inside lining and outer bag, give the handles a good yank to make sure they are right through Bag 22 - pin round top again and top stitch closing gap as you gom, stitch a couple of times about qtr inch apart Bag 23 - Tada front view done Bag 24 - Tada and backside done This was the bag I made for Tessa that started it…TESSA's BAG

If you go to You Tube and type in Tessa’s Tears, you will see the presentation of the Quilt we all made for her wedding. Annette – my daughter – did the video of it and made a darn fine job of it too.

So there we are, end of an era for me. It was fun.

I hope you enjoy all the piks. I also hope all the people have received all the stuff I have sent out since December, I know some have as I have been told by a kind person who has kept in touch with me. To her, she knows who she is, I say Thank you.

Actually, THIS is the very final thing for the forum on this blog. I set up a word association game on the forum where the ladies had to give the name of a patchwork block, the last letter of that had to be used by the next person for another blocks etc etc, I did warn them there was a ‘sting in the tail’ but they all carried on regardless. Such trust in me they had!!!!!  Anyway when it had run for a while I closed the game and then told them the sting – oh my gosh – they had to actually MAKE each of the blocks THEY had put in the game, some had only put one so they were fine, but others had got quite carried away and put loads of blocks on. I told them if they didn’t wish to keep the blocks when they had made them, if they sent them to me, I would make quilts with them and we could have an online in-house forum raffle to win the quilts and the money would go to H4H. They all were happy with that, some would keep what they had made as they had chosen unusual blocks, which was great, stretched themselves you see, some said they would be sending to me. Well in the end I got 14 blocks, I had previously had a block from one of the girls which was wrong for another swap so I asked her permission to whack it in with these 14 to make a neat 15 block quilt. Here then, is the quilt I made with those blocks. The very very very last thing I shall be doing for them, I am sending it to Katy for her to do with as she sees fit. It turned out quite good I think, well, I am pleased with it. Hope they will be.

TO SORT 039 TO SORT 040 TO SORT 041 TO SORT 042the front… 

TO SORT 038 and the back…TO SORT 043

…and that,  really is that now.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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  1. Diane-crewe says:

    you know yourself when it is time to move on to new projects … however great or small x enjoy the time you have now for new projects and when looking back EDIT!! remember the good … put the rest in the bin xx

  2. Caz says:

    Hi Jan,,,, thank you for all your help over the last couple of years with certain projects. Sorry to see you leave the forum,, but I will still follow your blog.

  3. Irene says:

    This is a new and exciting time for you to spend on your projects to inspire those who come to your blog and to your group x

  4. Dusie says:

    Phooey to anyone who thinks you are bossy Jan. Thats a good thing. Nothing would ever happen without us bossy people. And I agree with you on the knitting point. xxxx

  5. maggi21 says:

    The end of an era and some lovely photos as a reminder. Knitting definitely doesn’t have a place on a P&Q forum so you were right to say your piece. I knit as well so am not being biased!

  6. quilterdi says:

    The time was right Jan. Who said you were bossy? Jan bossy?? Nah!!!!! Just likes things being done correctly.

  7. Janice Aitkens says:

    Lovely projects, i think even without anything being said everything has it day & we move on to other things i enjoy my knitting but also my quilting if i work on a big project that knitting then i don’t seem to do any sewing so i try to do small projects so i can knit in the evenings while watching TV & do my quilting in the day that said it when i am up to it
    But i do agree with you a quilting forum is not for knitting & same with knitting
    Hugs Janice

  8. stashmaker says:

    Good on ya muvva!!! If they want a chit chat about knitting then join a knitting forum. I like to see knitted things and fair play to whoever has the patience to do it, all I ever did was drop one!!! Hahahaha!!! And as for being bossy…… well, what can I say!!!! You’re me mum, you’re supposed to sort us out!!!!
    p.s. I’ve got a stack of quilts and one big bugger that needs quilting if you’re not doing nowt at the moment!!!! Hahahaha!!

  9. Carol B says:

    Hi Jan,
    you have done a wonderful job on the Word Association Block quilt, you even managed to make my blocks look good 🙂 .I miss you on the forum, hope that you peek in occasionally, even if only to make sure we are looking after your swaps properly. Take care and keep doing your wonderful quilting.
    love Carol xx

    • Hi Carol, thank you for kind comment on the quilt, I hope it raises lots of money, Katy tells me it is on the Giving site, the money will be going to H4H so I am very pleased about that. Hope folk on the forum will dig deep, none of it comes to me of course, so they have no worries on that score. I wont be back on the forum Carol, I have moved on now, but thank you for the kind words. Keep in touch. jan x

  10. Sandy Box says:

    I echo Carol’s remarks Jan. I miss your batty icon on the posts. Your last quilt was so beautiful – thank you for being understanding with my inability to complete my blocks. Your friendship block is beautiful thank you very much. I am going to embroider everyone’s initials somewhere on the front of each block. You have a very lovely daughter there – she knows her mum. Love Sandy.

    • Hi Sandy, haha oh yes I was the batty one indeed. You will know by now that the friendship block you are on about is not actually from me, but from Annette – aka NN on the forum. I hope you have managed to sort it out now. Oh that is not my last quilt Sandy, not by a long way. I have a few hundred or more left in me yet!!!!!! 🙂 Keep in touch, love jan x

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