ha ha ha I bet that got you going….It is only on Postcards. I posted a picture of my Fabric Firework postcards on Facebook and some folk showed interest so I said I would do a tutorial. Last night I loaded the pictures in the media library but was unable to get them on here. Having another go….

1]    Choose a dark fabric for the background, here I have chosen a black splodgy fabric, navy blue works too. Stitch the fabric to the base of the postcard, leave the excess fabric there for now, it will distort and shrink a bit, don’t worry, it all sorts itself out in the end… This is showing the back and front of my card…

Firework 1

2]    You need to cut some 1/4″ squares of the colour ‘firework’ you will be stitching, there is a valid reason for this which I will explain later… these are not stuck on they are just cut ready for me to sew…

Firework 2

3]   Place one of the 1/4″ squares where you wish the CENTRE of your first ‘firework’ to be, then stitch a cross on it in the same colour, this is just to anchor it to the background, do not stop or cut the thread, you will continue to the next part straight away, this is just done for demo purposes…

Firework 3

4]   Now using your FMQ foot of your choice, drop the feed dogs of course and stitch some ‘loopy’ lines all round the small square, do not stitch right into that square as you will be beading it later and if there is a load of stitching there it is difficult to get the needle through, this is why you use that little fabric 1/4″ square it will be covered by beads no one will see it, sneaky huh!!!  Continue doing our lines all the way round the centre until you feel happy with it. This takes a while to get used to if you are not used to FMQing, but once you get in the rhythm you will be ticketyboo…

Firework 4

5]   Place another little 1/4″ square near this firework and repeat steps 3 – 4 using the thread to match the little square again…

Firework 5

6]   Now for the ‘magic’. Fill a bobbin with sparkly thread, have your other thread on top  no need to change it, turn your TOP tension to a HIGH number, I put mine to 8-9, the reason for this is so the bobbin thread shows up and not the top thread. Turn the postcard to the WRONG side and work from there, you can see where to do the bobbin work by the colour showing through..well I hope you can, hee hee, if you can use the sparkly thread on the top of the machine, go for it, I like to do it this way, it works so much better for my machine, anyway you now just do the loopy stitching as before just go right over the top or near as damn it of what is already there, it will be fine, do as much or as little as you like, I like it to really sparkle so tend to do quite a bit. This is where the card will start to distort a bit due to all the stitching. It will press out…….

7]   Change the sparkly thread and do the other firework the same way..cut the threads and turn it over and look at that, isn’t it pretty already?

Firework 6

8]  If you fancy doing round fireworks – go for it, the choice is yours. I like the long ones myself cos they are the ones I first came up with but I may make some with the circular shape….

Firework 7

9]   There we are that didn’t take long did it…… OK there is a bit more to do to this card. Beading. Either use zillions of seed beads or less of slightly larger ones, I wouldn’t use too big a bead personally, but it is again up to you what you use. Remember the centre little 1/4″ square is totally covered by beads. If you click on the next picture you will see how I have beaded these and the type of bead I have used. My very first cards were all done with seed beads, they took ages to do as each bead is obviously sewn on individually, but I hope you agree they are worth it.

Firework 8

I hope this is clear for you to have a go, the sewing part is a doddle to do, really quick once you get in the swing of the loopy lines, it is the beading that takes the time, but if you do a bit at a time you will soon have them done. Make sure you place a bead right on the end of the lines occasionally, not every line, be selective. Keep looking at it as you bead and think is that enough? You can actually put too many and hide all the stitching and what would be the point of that????

Have a go, let me know and even better send a picture to me by email so I can see what you have done. Just to remind everyone, there is no paper or card in these FABRIC Postcards.   Enjoy

Jan 🙂 



About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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13 Responses to POP – WHEE – WHOOSH = FIREWORKS

  1. Liz Gates says:

    FABULOUS!!!!! Can’t wait to have a go!!!! Just a bit busy for the next week!

  2. Joan says:

    Great post Jan…

  3. Caz says:

    What a great tutorial,, fantastic cards,, as always!

  4. Thanks girls, I hope you will have a go, jan x

  5. Sylvia Morgan says:

    Hi Jan
    Don’t often find time to look at Blogs, but yours is great. Love those fireworks, just my sort of fmqing. Also lovely to “hear” you.
    xxx Sylvia

  6. Sandy Box says:

    Fantastic Jan – as usual.

  7. Janis says:

    YAY!!! this is exactly what I was looking for!!! I’m making a monster truck quilt for my son who was born on July 4, and I wanted some fireworks in the sky above the truck. I am so excited to do these; they look amazing! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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