Here are some wonderful things for you to see, I am in a Postcard swap on a Facebook Group and two of the lovely ladies sent the first two cards to me, just for friendship, nothing to do with the swap. I am so lucky to have met these wonderful people…

thank you Cathy a beautiful quilted and beaded postcard…Postcard from Cathy S thank you Liz absolutely wonderful, stamped and quilted…Postcard from Liz G this is an ATC it is just great, many thanks to you Sandy…ATC from Sandy an amazing postcard depicting FRANCE, I love it, thank you Carol…Postcard from Carol B I have been playing with some Angelina fibre for my next batch of postcards, when they are completed I will put piks up…Postcards ready to finish a folder made for January challenge on FB group…January 2013 back of folder January 2013 FMQ challenge front of folder January 2013 folder hanging up January 2013 inside folder and another…FMQ Folder green FMQ Folder green inside Now these next two items I have no idea what to do with…any suggestions??  All I can think of is to chop them up for yet more postcards or maybe another folder or two…What to do with this 'a' What to do with this 'b'

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures do leave a comment if you have. I’ve not been on here for some time as I have been ill, but back now and fighting fit…well almost. I have posted a heck of a lot of stuff off lately though, would be good to know they have all reached their destinations as the postal charges were prrrrrretty high…….hubby was shocked..heehee


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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10 Responses to THIS AND THAT

  1. Pat says:

    Hi Jan, Happy to hear you’re feeling better. What about the front of a sewing machine cover with one of those two neat pieces – they’re too nice to chop up!

  2. Caz says:

    Hi Jan,, I agree with Pat,, they are too nice to chop. Good to see you online!

  3. Kerstin says:

    Hi Jan, I like Pat’s idea about the machine cover. Great quilting and wonderful cards.

  4. Caz says:

    forgot to say,, love the folders!!

  5. Janice Aitkens says:

    Glad your feeling better lovely postcards
    Hugs Janice

  6. Maggi says:

    Glad that you are feeling better Jan. The postcards are great and I love those folders.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Sorry to hear you were ill. Great FMQ as always! What is this book “point, click, quilt”? Would you be so kind to post about it, please! Happy Quilting!

  8. Hi Pat, Caz, Kerstin, Janice Maggi and Elisabeth, Many thanks for the suggestion but as my machine is more or less in constant use, I don’t think I can be bothered to make a cover for it, I generally just chuck a piece of fabric over it…hahaha I will think about it for a while but it looks as though they will get the chop!!!

    Elisabeth, the Point,Click,Sew book is brilliant it is about taking digital photographs and altering them and a lot more besides. Do you have Amazon?? If you look it up on there you may get to see some of the pages inside.

    Cheers all, Jan x

  9. ShereeSews says:

    Jan I love reading about all your postcards and swaps. I also enjoy making postcards and swapping them too! Sew much fun, in such a quick project.

    • Hi Sheree, popped over to your blog but I couldn’t seem to leave a comment anywhere!!! Love the edges of your postcards. I am one of the satin stitch brigade though I am afraid 🙂

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