This quilt went to the Legion for the old soldiers…QS 1QS 3QS 4QS 5 This bag I made for a tutorial on the PP Forum…PP forum bag tutorial This bag is one of Geta’s pattern which I trialled for her, buy it is fabulous and easy to make…Geta bag 1Geta bag 2Geta bag 3Geta bag 4Geta bag 5 Following are Postcards and an atc which I have received from the lovely ladies on the FMQ Forum, we are doing a proper mixed swap next year…FMQ Challenge 003FMQ Challenge 004FMQ Challenge 005FMQ Challenge Postcard swap - from TheaFMQ Postcard swap from Wendy I had some of my postcards printed in the PP Magazine and got this as a gift for the use of them, great book…Gift from Katy for postcard in magazine Gorgeous fabrics bought at my last group of this year…



My machine gets into the picture all the time!!!My machinePostcards done as swaps for the PP forum girls…

Postcard swaps FMQ quilty done as a swap…2 FMQ swap Two gorgeous pieces of fabric for my final FMQ Challenge…FMQ Challenge 001FMQ Challenge 002 Annette’s quilts finished for this year woo hoo, well done…Annette 1 Annette 2 Annette's Monday quilt Suzanne’s quilts finished for this year woo hoo again…Suzanne Suzanne - back Suzanne - close up Rebecca’s cross stitch pictures finished for this year woo hoo three clever girls…Rebecca A very grown up Rebecca…Reb grown upMy row by row quilt finished ages ago but got here regardless…Row by Row frontMy birthday blocks from the girls on the PP Forum…FBS 2 FBS 3 FBS 4 FBS 5 FBS 6 FBS 7 FBS 8 FBS from Karen letters Friendship Block swap 1 FBS 9  More Postcards for swaps on the PP forum…AUTUMN from Mal Dragon for China Postcard for Jytte  This was one of those jelly roll quilts which I chopped up and re-assembled and finished YAY…back of blue strip ufo blue strip ufo close up blue strips ufo done UFO done for Annette…UFO Bowties pinned Bowties detail Cats quilt finished for Richard and all the cats for Christmas…UFO cats pinned Cats detail Cats finished This was all bags waiting to be assembled, I chopped them up and made this as a backing for something, can’t remember what though.

WHEW just in time.these were ready to be bags....

HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL my lovely friends I have met this year old and new. See you next year.


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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