I think I am slowly getting the hang of this Blog, I wish the pictures would load quicker though, it does seem to take forever to get them on here and one by one too, makes for a lengthy process….oh well…….

This is a bit of a mixed post cos I am getting a bit behind – as per usual – so here we go.

I sold two quilts, I am so chuffed, I treated myself to some new threads with the money and made a donation to a good cause, feel good factor sets in. The first two pictures are the quilts I sold.

This is a picture of a Postcard I made for Helen G, we are in a swap on the PP Forum and the theme for this card was set by mad Marian–two syllables — that was it, hmmm, anyway this is supposed to depict RELAX…see, two syllables. Easy really!

Oh Maggi Maggi Maggi, you little temptress you with your fabulous fabrics and your wonderful threads, how am I to resist. These are three different types of threads, what I will use them for I have absolutely no idea, they are just so pretty I had to have them.

Two new books. I am so spoilt by various people you know. In September, I helped to make a Wedding Quilt for our lovely Tessa from the PP Forum, as the blocks arrived, I found lots of little gifts FOR ME amongst the wrappings from some of the ladies, for which I was much moved and very grateful. After the event I had a huge surprise, Sylvia, one of the forum ladies who lives in Spain, had bought me a voucher for Amazon in appreciation of assembling the quilt for Tessa. To say I was touched by her generosity is putting it mildly, I waited until I was sure I knew which book to get with the gift voucher, the particular day I was looking these two I had my eye on were both on offer so, I managed to get both with the voucher. So Thank you Thank you to Sylvia for my two new books. I shall enjoy them immensely.

I think I am almost up to date now folks


Oh actually I will just say, this evening when I went to do some sewing, I made such a hash of everything I touched I just gave up on it. I had my daughter almost wetting herself cos of what I was doing……one of the things may bring a smile to your face.

I had chopped up a quilt top I had made into squares and wanted to re-assemble them into HST’s, well I grabbed a pen from my tray and carefully drew the lines on, I don’t normally do this but these blocks are 10″ squares and I didn’t trust myself to make that line straight…anyway, I got to the end of the pile – went to the loo as you do – came back and picked the first pair up to stitch that diagonal line.  Hmm where was it? Had I picked it up up-side-down? No. I had used one of those darn disappearing ink pens, I had thought it was a bit pale as I was drawing the lines, so anyway, I turned the pile upside down thinking the last few I had drawn would still be visible, they were, just. So I whacked it under the machine, ——-now can you see what I just said????? Are you paying attention????

Yep I stitched ONE block, all on its own, grr

Grabbed the other block quickly,  thinking of that darn fading line, and under the machine it went – again – stitched the two —OH YES –together. Got the next pair, stitched them, on and on I went until I couldn’t  see the line any more.  Oh well I thought at least I got some of them done. NOW here it comes folks….

I thought to myself why don’t I open it up and see the effect…….ARGH!!!!!!  I had sewn it to the wrong side, instead of right sides together they were — all of them, right side to wrong side.  Good grief what a blooming mess I made of that, I unpicked them all, and turned them so they were now  right sides together, I re drew the diagonal line on half a dozen of them and stitched them together – AGAIN….wait for it…….


I had still stitched them wrong again,  instead of putting them so the strips were both vertical I had in my haste turned one of the blocks horizontally,  so I had joined these blocks to each other and when you cut them apart they looked just how they had started out. Long strips of straight strips…..blue cloud over our house!!!!!!!

Now I am putting this here just to prove to you all I AM NOT PERFECT.  I make mistakes and as you can see some of them are BIG ones.

I will unpick them tomorrow.

Prior to that, I had been texting a friend on my mobile whilst cutting borders for a quilt I want to get done for the ladies to see at my group on Saturday…

now you are getting the idea of what I am going to say now aren’t you???

We were texting about sums of money and I was measuring borders…… o oh…..

YEP, I got the two mixed up and when I went to sew them on the quilt, you should have heard me!  Well actually some of you in America or further afield just may have heard me.

I did eventually sort the borders out, I called it my Plan B. Once again my daughter had a good laugh at my expense, but heyho, just goes to show no-one is perfect. Will I tell them on Saturday what I did? You betcha.

OK OK you can stop laughing now.




About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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3 Responses to TIME FOR A GIGGLE?

  1. Caz says:

    Nice to see that you are human too!

  2. Cecelia says:

    I’ve had those days, too, but you did give me a good laugh to start the day.

  3. Well done on selling some quilts
    Hugs Janice

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