Very difficult few days of late. Glad they are gone and hope to improve on them with the new week coming.

Have been quilting a quilt for a customer, gosh that does sound very posh doesn’t it? Juliet sent me a really fun time quilt to do and I have to say I am really enjoying doing it. I am on the final border now and Juliet has given me permission to post pictures here of it, so as soon as it is done and she has it, I will do just that. I then have another waiting in the wings so to speak, one for LOVE QUILTS UK. I have to ask permission about that one before I load any pictures. After that one, my friends Marian and Di have both sent me one to do. I am really pleased as the quilting takes my mind off things.

I am trying to find a picture to place here as a post without a picture is pretty boring….

AHA, this is fine, it is a small bag I made with the AUGUST FMQ CHALLENGE. Now I have a horrid feeling I already put this picture up……ho hum!


About jansmusingagain

Hmm what do you say about yourself? I am a Quilter. I just love to Quilt for myself and others. I love fabrics and threads, simple things, but they make me very happy.
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11 Responses to LIFE

  1. Cecelia says:

    Receiving your post via email is so different from Blogger! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to comment, but it looks like I can.

  2. Caz says:

    Glad to see you blogging again. I am following you via email,,, is there a way I can follow you through my blog?? Can’t wait to see Juliets quilt. X

    • Janet says:

      Oh crumbs you are asking me something now Caz, I think Maggi may know the answer to that, certainly not me, I am still working this out…hahaha. I had great fun with Juliet’s quilt, I wasn’t too sure at the start but once I started I played on it a lot!!!! Hope she likes it and can work out what I have done and why I did it???!!! jan x

  3. maggi21 says:

    Sorry to her that you have had a hard time. I am glad that your customers are providing you with the distraction you need though. Look forward to seeing the results.

  4. Kerstin says:

    Hi Jan, glad you found a way to blog. looking forward to see the quilting you did.

    • Janet says:

      Hi Kerstin and welcome to my new Blog, I hope I get batter at this. or even better may be better Thank you for the Ecard for my birthday, it was lovely. jan x

  5. Carol B says:

    Hi Jan,
    just discovered your new blog, glad to see you back up and running. Hope things pick up for you and life gets rosier.

    • Janet says:

      Hi Carol, thanks for that, I am sure things will get better given time and all that. Many thanks for your help on the PP Forum. I really appreciate it.
      jan x

  6. Janet says:

    Thanks Maggi, been a horrid 5 or 6 days up till now. Improving.

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